Patrols are the basis of surf lifesaving – the reason for us being here.

At Swanny we set high standards for our patrols, and we are constantly striving to improve in all areas. Members are assigned to a patrol team and expected to complete 6 patrols of 3.25hrs length over the patrol season, including one on a long weekend.

Patrol obligations – Active members – SRC, Bronze and Award holders:
Members will be placed on patrol and perform duties as required by the club (SNSLSC Constitution Clause 8) these include:

  • Be financial: Members must be financial to patrol. Renew your membership via the SLSA members area and pay the membership fees to avoid losing access to club facilities and training.
  • Be proficient: Proficiency dates and details are available on the Swanny website and Facebook pages.
  • Have and maintain a current Working with Children Check if 18 or older
  • Complete six patrols of 3.25hrs duration (either your rostered patrols or prearranged swaps) to avoid membership and competition restrictions.

A reminder that each member must complete a minimum of 16 patrol hours each patrol season (July – June) to count towards Swanny 5 and 10-year (long service) service awards.

Additionally, each member (excluding Life and Long service members) must complete a minimum of 16 patrol hours each calendar year to be eligible to compete in SLSWA and SLSA competitions the following calendar year as per SLSA policy 5.04.
It is each member’s responsibility to ensure they meet these obligations (regularly check the SLSA members area to ensure your hours are up to date) and be careful swapping patrols that are before and after Jan 1st.

Life and long service members on patrol (Voluntary patrols)
Whilst under no obligation to patrol, your experience and contribution is always welcome and valued. Should you wish to patrol there are two options:

  1. Volunteer for patrols when you are able
  2. Request to go on the patrol roster. (Please be aware you will be expected to fulfill all patrols or arrange a suitable substitution like all other members if you elect to be on the roster).

Normal proficiency requirements apply in either case.
Contact the patrol officer if you are a Life or Long service member and would like to be added to the patrol roster.

Parental leave/ policy: In the interest of retaining and supporting our members who are starting and growing families, the Committee is super proud to continue to support the ‘Swanny Primary Caregiver & Parental Leave Policy‘.
For full details and to request access to this arrangement, email the Lifesaving Manger.

Additionally, for those members who already have families where both parents are active patrol members, we offer four roster choices (to limit the number of swaps needed):

  • Be in the same patrol team
  • AM and PM patrols on the same day
  • Different days on the same weekend
  • Different weekends

These arrangements must be applied for through the patrol officer prior the patrol roster being created at the start of the season/prior to completing your bronze medallion if joining part way through the season.

If you have any questions, contact the lifesaving manager


Yes, we love having our friends from other clubs help out on our patrols!
We do have some requirements you need to be aware of beforehand though:
1. You must show proof of a current working with children check to the patrol captain before being allowed to join each SNSLSC patrol (either the physical card or a photo of it on your phone).
2. Contact the lifesaving manager in advance so we know to expect you.
3. Attend the whole patrol 08:00 -11:15 or 11:00-2:15.

Roughly once a month ( 6 patrols a season) as per the patrol roster. The patrol roster will be emailed to members at the start of the season.

3.25hrs. Typically, patrol shifts are either 8.00am -11:15am or 11:00am – 2.15pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

It depends on the numbers on each patrol. Contact the Patrols Officer.

No. But that’s what we’re here for so most do.
It is your responsibility to find a replacement. But you’re not alone, post on the Swanny Patrol Swaps facebook page and someone will be sure to help you out.

Yes, we have flexible arrangements for FIFO and shift workers. See the above point regarding patrol swaps, while you will be assigned to a patrol at the start of the season to ensure that we have even coverage at each patrol, we understand life is busy and many of our members swap numerous patrols each season.

If you cannot make any of your patrols but there is another patrol team’s roster that would suit you better, contact the Patrols Officer and they will do their best to swap you.