Presidents Cocktail Party

The Presidents Cocktail Party is the first formal event on the social calendar and is regarded as the Presidents welcome to members and new bronzies for the upcoming surf season. Usually themed and with around 80 people attending this is one of the best of the season.

This is a club member and friends of members only event. New bronzies and their friends are encouraged to attend.

The Cocktail party is usually held in early November.

Blue Party

Our biggest and loosest party of summer! Just ask anyone who came last year. Spas, fun times, drinks at club prices, and an awesome DJ! With around 350 attending many have described the Blue party as life-changing.

“… can’t begin to describe it. So messy, so tiring, so .. so… blue. But seriously, how do I get this blue paint off my body and why are there photos of me crowd-surfing?…” Anonymous party goer

This event is open to the general public and usually held late January/early February. Dress BLUE!

Annual Dinner

A formal evening of presentations and partying held at the end of the season to honour members.
This is a themed event and is for club members and their families only. New bronzies are encouraged to attend as they will be presented with their bronze medallions.
Held April/May annually. For information can be found here

Party News