Member Protection
Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC commits to ensuring the health, safety and well being of all members and is dedicated to providing a safe environment for those participating in Surf Lifesaving (SLS). The Club aims to uphold SLSA’s core values and create a safe, fair, and inclusive environment, pursuant to SLSA Member Protection Policy 6.05.

Each member makes a commitment to actively encourage behaviours that promote a supportive and nurturing environment and contribute to SLSA’s mission of saving lives, creating great Australians, and building better communities.

Child Safety
Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC commits to providing a safe, fair and inclusive environment for children and young people (CYP) involved in Surf Lifesaving. The Club upholds Surf Life Saving’s zero-tolerance policy to harm, abuse and/or neglect of a Child/Young Person in any form. All Club members are required to uphold the SLSA Child Safe Policy 6.04 and Child Safe Commitment 6.04A.

Pursuant to SLSA Child Safe Policy 6.04,

Everyone in SLS, from Board to Executives to Staff and Volunteers, is responsible to:

  • protect CYP from all forms of abuse, bullying and exploitation by our people;
  • be alert to incidents of CYP abuse and neglect occurring outside of SLS that may have an impact on the CYP involved in our programs and activities;
  • provide CYP with information, support, and reporting processes; and
  • create and maintain a child safe culture that is understood, endorsed, and put into action by all the individuals who work for, volunteer, or access our programs and services.

Your Member Protection Team consists of 2 Member Protection Officers and a Complaints Officer. The Team is very approachable around the Club, but can also be contacted via email: MPIO ( and Complaints (

Member Protection Information Officers (Ali Baraff and Philip Cave)
A Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is responsible for the provision of information about a person’s rights, responsibilities and options when an individual is making a complaint or concern. MPIOs are impartial; they do not mediate or investigate complaints, they simply provide information regarding the complaints process.

Ali Baraff – Member Protection & Information Officer

Philip Cave – Member Protection & Information Officer

Complaints Officer (Peter Klauz)
The Complaints Officer is responsible for managing any complaint submitted to their Club in line with the SLSA Complaints Resolution Policy 6.06. The Complaints Officer provides a timely response to member complaints.

Peter Klauz – Complaints Officer

Working With Children Check

Pursuant to SLSA Member Protection Policy 6.05, subject to relevant legislation and rules, Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC requires that all employees, board members and volunteers, have a satisfactory Working With Children Check (“WWCC”) in the appropriate jurisdiction in which they spend the majority of their working time. In addition, at the discretion of the relevant SLS Entity, applicants may be required to satisfy a number of background checks, at the commencement of, and in some cases during, the term of their role.

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