Swanny MembershipCommentsLifesaving Online CategoryFee
NEW Active Senior MembershipIf you’re doing your Bronze, this is for youActive (18+)$300
RENEWING Active Senior MembershipExisting active members 18+. Must have Bronze Medallion and complete minimum number of volunteer patrol hoursActive (18+)$175
Active Junior or CadetJunior – 15 to 18 years. Cadet – 13 to 15 yrsActive (15 – 18 years)$75
Long Service MembershipYou’ve been around a while and no longer do patrolsLong Service$175
Nipper 1st Child and Both ParentsIncludes Parents who may be in Active Senior or Long Service categoriesJunior Activity Member (5 – 13 Years)$200
Nipper (5 to 13 years) Subsequent Children (up to max $350)Family membership example – Both Parents and two nipper children = $250Junior Activity Member (5 – 13 Years)$50
Country MemberA member, usually previously an active senior, who does not live in greater metro area and will be an infrequent visitor to the club in the season but wishes to maintain membershipGeneral$125
Veteran Member (by application)A member of the Veterans group. This does not confer access to the gym or craft. There is no patrolling obligation.General$55
Associate MembershipOne who does not contribute to patrolling service but wants to use Club resources (e.g. gym). By committee approval.Associate$375
Additional cost for existing members completing Bronze CourseIn addition to rates above price includes training resources and manualGeneral$125

Membership Period

In order to align ourselves with the SLSA competition period and to ensure coverage for insurance purposes, it has been determined that annual membership at Swanny will run from 1 June to 31st July the following year. Members will be considered to be financial members of the Club for this period.

Whilst Bronze and SRC proficiency will remain current until 31st December each year, it will be necessary for members to have paid their membership fees prior to using club craft and facilities or taking part in competition, club training and the like.

The Management Committee is prepared to allow members from last season to continue to receive Membership benefits (gear use, training etc) until 31st July, however; if a member wishes to compete in SLSWA or SLSA competition they will need to pay their fees before competing.

If Active Members do not complete the requirements of Active membership as per the constitution, their continuing membership for the remainder of the season will be at the discretion of the Management Committee.