Perth surf and fishing trips to where it’s breaking/biting. Notification via social media.

Autumn Gracetown Weekender. To invite members down to Gracetown to stay in the bay. A variety of breaks that can be surfed for all age groups.

Proficiency Camp An annual event from the Swanny’s past. It’ll be the responsibility of the Dukes to organise a surf trip proficiency weekend for SNSLSC in either Lancelin or Rottnest in the month of September.


Hawaiian Party fundraiser, an old party ran back in the 90’s. Autumn 2016 potentially.


To enter surf competitions on the local board riding scene.

To have club champions and events.

Potentially start an underwater hockey club.


2016 – For the promotion of paddle and surf, our goal is to raise additional money for surf craft, looking to own 2 SUP’s by the start of summer 2016.