It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year. Proficiency!

There will be four opportunities to complete your bronze requal this year. The dates are:-


Please remember that you must complete your proficiency before 31st December 2018, otherwise you will not be able to Patrol, compete, or access the awesome Swanny facilities, events and training!

There are four (4) proficiency dates available, and the links to the Facebook Events for these are below:

Proficiency 1:  30 September

Proficiency 2:  13 October events/2097737663876681/

Proficiency 3:  25 November

Proficiency 4:  08 December

Please mark yourself as ‘going’ to one of these four sessions, so that we are able to confirm numbers for each session.


If you have any questions please contact proficiency officer Logan via email or Contact the club admin.