Hey there beach goers, Dune Dweller here. As we welcome another graduating class of Bronzies to the Club, the gossip in the dunes is certainly heating up.

We have a fresh new threat to Rhods & Haze’s running crown, word is he runs on red wine. A certain swimmer is also in denial about losing her crown, as a fish in a whole new league joins the club. And yes Briggy, this super fish has you covered too.

Meanwhile, the Swanbourne breeding program is going strong: we have some recent additions to the next generation of cygnets with a Davies and a Green recently joining the bevy. It appears the club will to continue to grow, with rumours of at least two more Dwellers currently brewing, be careful in the Dunes my friends.

Speaking of brewing, the bar seems destined for a loss, a sad loss to the Melbourne cappuccino strip. Farewell (for now) Zac, and don’t worry – when you realise Melbourne beaches don’t cut it, we will welcome you back with open arms (and an open bar).

Eagle eyed members who have ventured to South South Swanny may have been lucky enough to see the art work of legendary Swanbourne member Herbert Voight. What does his art mean? Did he rise from the depths to grace our fair shores again? Did he ever leave? The answers to these questions and more next time, in the meantime, I’ll be dwelling…