Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue

Firstly thank you to Jack Rigby and Oli Defrancesco for their assistance in the setting of the string line, to a more than acceptable level of straight-ness and taut-ness. Thank you to Ray Lampard and Stirling Stilwell for helping adjust the position of the string line to suit to start line. Thank you also to Erin Gallagher and the Nippers for the loan of the string line. Thanks also to Ray Lampard (recorder/judge), Luke Bishop (water judge) and Tim Tucak (starter/judge) for officiating! Thanks also to Jack Rigby, Oli Defrancesco and Amy Jackson for providing water safety during the event and retrieving the string line, washing everything and putting it away.

The sea breeze was in early, so reasonable chop on the way out and some waves on the way in for the mixed board race.


12 teams contested the Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue Race in 2024.

Heat 1 was won by Kath and Cocky, ahead of Josh and Soph, then Rhods and Berns back to Callum and Marie. Lydia and Elliot in fifth were later recipients of a wildcard to the Final. In Heat 2 Jules and Jordi won, ahead of Hannah and Angus, the Bella and Eli with Erin and Ando in fourth.


Callum was fastest in the swim followed by Rhods and Josh. Cocky was the best of the paddlers reach the buoys first, ahead of Berns and Soph. Kath/Cocky made the most of being the first to paddle back, leading to the beach and a comfortable win. Soph/Josh paddled well to move into a clear second. Jordi/Jules made up some water, to overtake Berns/Rhods, to take the final podium spot.

Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue Results 2023/24

So congratulations to Kathleen (Kath) Laws and Brenton Laws ‘Cocky’ who are the winners of the Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue Race for 2024!

Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue participants 2024
Kath and Cocky, winners of the Swanbourne Cup in 2024
Clockwise – 1. Jordi, 2. Ando, 3. Final – Jules, Josh, Callum, Bella, Rhods, Kath, Erin, Lydia 4. Hannah, Jules, Josh.
Clockwise – 1. Bella, 2. Angus, Hannah, 3. Fiona, 4. Jordi, Jules.
Clockwise – 1. Kath, Cocky, 2. Jordi, Jules, 3. Angus, 4. Elliott.
Clockwise – Kath and Cocky with the Swanbourne Cup, 2. Callum, Marnie, 3. Berns, Rhods, 4. Elliot, Lydia.
Clockwise – 1. Callum, Ray, Josh, Rhods, Amy (obscured), Lydia, Kath, 2. Soph, 3. Stirling, Elliot, 4. Rhods, Berns, 5. Kath, Cocky, 6. Elliot.
Clockwise – 1.  Bella, Soph, 2. Catharine, Logan, 3. Ando, Erin, 4. Fiona, Peter.
Clockwise – 1. Eli, 2. Jordi, 3. Stirling, Amy, 4. Peter, Erin, Jules, Bella, Catharine, Ben.
Clockwise – 1.  Soph, Josh, 2. Elliot, Lydia, 3. Peter, Erin, Jules, Bella, Catharine, Ben, 4. Eli, 5. Jordi, 6. Stirling, Amy.
Lydia and Elliot on a wave
Hannah, Jules, Josh, Callum, Bella, Rhods – Start of the Final.
Soph and Josh in front of Rhods and Berns
Stirling v Elliot in the Final
Elliot and Lydia