Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue

Firstly thank you to Peran Bishop and Rhodri Simmonds for their assistance in the setting of the string line, to a more than acceptable level of straight-ness and taut-ness. Thank you also to Erin Gallagher/Alen Pazin and the Nippers for the loan of the string line. Thanks also to Amanda Simper and Ray Lampard for officiating! Thanks also to Peran Bishop and Alex Aberle-Leeming for providing water safety during the event and retrieving the string line, washing everything and putting it away.

Thank you to Gemma and Tim Banfield for the donation of two pairs of FISKI goggles as prizes for the winners of the Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue race. FISKI is a family owned (by Club Members Gemma and Tim Banfield) and operated business in the ocean loving state of Western Australia. FISKI want everyone to have access to comfortable, cool goggles at an affordable price. FISKI‘s Vision is to create the coolest, comfiest, most affordable goggles on the market. We want people to say “have you got your FISKI‘s?”

I recommend perusing the FISKI website as the Banfield children model many of the items for sale – see if you can find the picture of Clancy wearing three! pairs of FISKI‘s along with a trucker hat.

A stiff nor-westerly breeze, so some chop on the way out and some assistance on the way in for the mixed board race. As always it came down to a drag race and which teams got their timing and positioning right.


21 teams contested the Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue Race in 2023. I apologise for only putting 18 numbered golf balls in the bag to draw for positions 🙁 This confusion somewhat contributed to the Leaversuch’s racing in Heat 2 despite being in Heat 3. Amanda did explain this to Leavo before Heat 2 and Leavo did start behind and out of sight of the starter!

Heat 1 saw the highly fancied pairing of Bec and Kit just miss the top three. The heat was won by Lucy and Ando on a rescue board, as Lucy had a flight to catch so wanted to get the race done as quick as possible. Heat 2 saw Josh and Sophie in fourth to miss the final but they were later recipients of a wildcard. Cocky’s start in relations to Kath’s buoy touch was queried but the Judges were satisfied. In Heat 3 Nat and Luke switched to a rescue board to take line honours. It was a turbulent fourth place for Goat (self professed GOAT) Briggy and Amy.


In the swim leg Rhods got the best start, with Callum and Ando also swimming strongly either side of the course almost matched by Jarvis and Tilly in the centre alleys. Callum touched the buoy first, just ahead of Rhods, then Jarvis a smidge in front of Ando then Tilly, followed by Nat ahead of Kath then Katie and Josh who touched at the same time.

In the board leg Maia was fastest off the beach, Luke quickly making up distance then Clancy, Jules and Cocky about level, Indie, Lucy then Marnie followed by Sophie. Maia/Rhods and Nat/Luke turned the buoys at the same time, followed by Katie/Jules, Kath/Cocky, Tilly/Clancy, all three at the same time. Maia/Rhods have a slight lead early on the paddle but Kath/Cocky make up distance on the paddle, with Nat/Luke surging forward with nice wave.

The board paddle came down to a three way duel between Nat and Luke at the southern end, Kath and Cocky alongside Maia and Rhods at the northern end. 15 m from shore Maia/Rhods, Kath/Cocky and Nat/Luke are all level, with Katie/Jules a board length behind then another board length to Tilly/Clancy. 10 m from shore Maia/Rhods fall off their board (but are tall enough to start dragging the board), Kath/Cocky roll off their board a little early (not as tall so perhaps slower to drag their board), whilst Nat/Luke catch a small wave but get sucked into the shorebreak.

Kath and Cocky got off the board a little early but were still first onto the sand but a fast finishing Maia and Rhods made it a dead heat on the line. Nat/Luke extricate themselves from the shorebreak to finish third with Katie/Jules, who looked to be making up ground toward the end, still a board length behind but finishing a clear fourth. Tilly/Clancy comfortable in 5th with Jarvis/Indie and Ando/Lucy about level. Indi and Jarvis take sixth, Lucy and Ando were seventh followed by Marnie and Callum in eighth then Sophie and Josh in ninth.

Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue Results 2022/23

So congratulations to Kathleen (Kath) Laws & Brenton Laws ‘Cocky’ and Rhodri Simmonds & Maia Simmonds who are the joint winners of the Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue Race for 2023! The final result was a dead heat as these two teams could not be separated on the line.

Thanks to Ben Leonard for the following video

Final – https://youtu.be/yk8I-UuI4HE

This Sunday was the Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue Race.
Another event occurring on Sunday was Chinese New Year.
In the Year of the Rabbit what were the predictions for your Mixed Board Rescue Race prospects?
(With apologies to Duet Property for using their advert)

Brenton – Rat, did encounter some difficult troubles getting off the board
Kath – Snake, swam smoothly but did their luck fluctuate in the final?
Maia – Tiger, comfortable paddling, but an interesting turn at the end
Rhodri – Goat, took advantage of a good wave to podium!

Some relevant extracts from the AUSTRALIAN SURF SPORTS MANUAL, MANUAL No.3, 37th Edition, November 2021, Revised December 2022:


(a) All events shall be judged, and placings decided by Finish Judges.

(b) Where available, electronic equipment (including video or other technology judging aids) may be utilised in the judging process. The finish position placings as decided by the Finish Judge(s) shall be regarded as final, and no protest or appeal shall be permitted.

(d) Video playback and electronic recording is for use only by appointed SLSA officials to determine event results. The Referee may allow competitors or team managers to view video playback or other electronic judging aids under controlled circumstances.

Note: Should video or other electronic judging aids be deemed necessary to properly determine the result of a race, the initial judging result shall not be declared as final, and the Referee and Chief Judge shall determine the final finish result of the event. Such decision shall not be subject to protest.

(e) In events where competitors run to and across a finish line, the finish of the race is judged when the competitor crosses the line on their feet. The finish is judged on the chest of the competitor when crossing the finish line.

Note: Falling across the line is not deemed to have finished the event.



In the event of a dead heat the following shall apply:

(a) In finals, unless otherwise provided, a dead heat shall be declared as such, placings and any medals shall be awarded as follows: Equal first will result in no second place being awarded with the next placed competitor or team being awarded third place etc. In the event of a three-way dead heat for first the next placed competitor or team shall be awarded fourth place and so on. Any other point score and/or trophy allocation etc. shall be as decided by the Competition Committee.



8.8.3 Procedure

(d) The race is concluded when the patient and rescuer have correctly completed the course, both in contact with the board and cross the finish line on their feet between the two green flags.

(h) The finish is judged on the chest of the first competitor of the team (i.e., patient or rescuer) crossing the start/finish line on their feet, with both the rescuer and patient being in contact with the board.

Note: Both competitors are required to cross the finish line on their feet to correctly complete the course.


The Surf Sports Manual does not define ‘chest’ so the standard English definition applies:


noun [ C ]
chest noun [C] (BODY PART)
the upper front part of the body of humans and some animals, between the stomach and the neck, containing the heart and lungs:


Definition of ’chest’
Word forms: plural chests
Your chest is the top part of the front of your body where your ribs, lungs, and heart are.

(Distances approximate only)
Note: the beach setup relative to the positioning of the buoys may be adjusted dependent on the sea conditions.