Congratulations to Kate Hutchinson who is the winner* of the Presidents’ Cup for Season 2023/24, in a comfortable finish 29 seconds in front of John Henderson. Joanne Turton was third another 10 secs back. First across the line was Ellie Turton, 41 secs ahead of Kate, having left 45 secs before Kate! Fastest was Alen Pazin in 12 m 55 seconds excluding his handicap. Callum Griffiths was unable to attend the swim. Kate is the third President to win the Presidents’ Cup whilst President.

Presidents’ Cup 2023/24

Thirteen swimmers contested the Presidents’ Cup this season.  Thank you to Harry and others who volunteered as water safety. Thanks to Lisa and Liz for timekeeping. Thanks to Hendo for helping retrieve the buoys. Swimming conditions were great with a reasonably calm ocean, with the current and swell pushing swimmers slowly towards the finish. Visibility was perfect so good viewing of the reefs and sand depending on your swimming line.

Kate with her Trophy Winners Towel and the Presidents’ Cup (following the Oldham Memorial Cup 2024)

#Last seasons picture until we can take a photo of Kate being presented with her towel.

*Obligatory Stewards inquiry pending in the back offices.