Congratulations to Anne-Marie Juengling who is the winner* of the Presidents’ Cup for Season 2020/21.

Presidents’ Cup

Twenty four swimmers contested the Presidents’ Cup this season and proceedings ran smoothly with an early start almost on 8 am at Vera View. An early sea breeze and prevailing current gave the go markers a reasonable chance but there was a close finish with a large group coming in together. First across the line was Stewie Alcorn, who was probably more proud that his daughter Annabella competed, finished and was fourth across the line. Fastest was Callum Griffiths who was third amongst the eligible swimmers. There was some uncertainty over Tye Hoysted’s time but once we worked out which group he finished in that was sorted. Annie was swimming for two, which seems to assist in gaining a podium spot, with pregnant swimmers featuring in 75% of the podiums for the last four trophy swims. However, as Nins can explain this is a limited time effect and eventually wears off!

A big thank you to Amy Rolston who being the only patrol member to arrive on time, was asked to assist as timekeeper. Not only did Amy learn the timekeeping role (no easy task given the cats that had to be herded), she had to learn to drive the ATV to return it from the start line at Vera View to the finish line at Swanbourne. And she spelt everyone’s names correctly. Thank you Amy! Thanks to Jamie and Robbie Brigg for water safety.

*Subject to this event being the official non-cancelled version of a surfs sport event in the COVID-19 era*