Presidents Cup – 800m Long Swim – Sun 23rd December 10.00am Start

Date & Time
Sunday 23rd December 2018 Starting at 10.00am Swanny time at Vera View Beach. Assemble 9.45am (+/- faff) at Swanny. [Alternate course may apply]

Starting from the beach at Vera View Parade ; swim 50m out to sea to first swimming buoy, right hand turn ; swim 650m north to second swimming buoy; right hand turn ; swim 100m to shore to finish on the beach in front on Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC [Alternate course may apply]
(Note: alternate course may apply subject to actual swimming conditions on the day)

Presentation of the Perpetual Trophy at the conclusion of the Presidents Cup Trophy Event.
Name engraved on the Perpetual Trophy, to be presented at the Annual Dinner.
Trophy Winners embroidered towel, to be presented after the conclusion of the race.
Prize pack

Details of Past Winners and Interesting Presidents Cup Statistics see below

The Contenders
Callum Griffiths
Jarvis Banfield
John Henderson ‘Hendo’
Julian Gibbings
Justin Owens
Michael Prosser
Paul Linabury
Peter Brigg ‘Briggy’
Simon Carlin
Terry Griffiths
Tim Banfield
Tim Tucak
Tom Rix
Tony Leaversuch ‘Leavo’
Amy Prosser
Anne-Marie Juengling
Bernadette Williams
Kate Hutchinson
Kristie Orchard
Lauren Brayford
Lucy Gunzburg
Shona Hay
Sydney Hodges

Previous Winners
Season Winner Season Winner
1932/33 S Dixon 1970/71 Don Greenhill
1933/34 H Mitchell 1971/72 R Milne
1934/35 A Pascarb 1972/73 Don Greenhill
1935/36 K Claybrook 1973/74 M Miller
1936/37 Arn Foster 1974/75 Ross Bosworth
1937/38 T Colvin 1975/76 Ross Bosworth
1938/39 T Colvin 1976/77 Milan Klauz
1939/40 A Young 1977/78 R Carter
1940/41 E Freeman 1978/79 John Stringfellow
1941/42 P Wales 1979/80 J Rogers
1942/43 C Buchanan 1980/81 Milan Klauz
1943/44 ? 1981/82 R Bosworth
1944/45 Bernie Kelly 1982/83 Reg Beaton
1945/46 Miss I Mills 1983/84 Paul Garner
1946/47 T Nicholson 1984/85 Glenn Doney
1947/48 P Wales 1985/86 Reg Beaton
1948/49 Fred Thorne 1986/87 Ric Buist
1949/50 J Goldthorpe 1987/88 Glenn Doney
1950/51 W Wales 1988/89 Reg Beaton
1951/52 J Wegner 1989/90 John Stringfellow
1952/53 B Wegner 1990/91 Matt Glossop
1953/54 J Wegner 1991/92 Paul Entwistle
1954/55 W Wales 1992/93 Reg Beaton
1955/56 R Vivian 1993/94 Jane Trott
1956/57 R Vivian 1994/95 Marina Goff
1957/58 R Vaisey 1995/96 Tomoo Toyofuku
1958/59 L Healy 1996/97 Daniel Hazell
1959/60 B Hook 1997/98 Peter Brigg
1960/61 K Jones 1998/99 Stewart Alcorn
1961/62 K Rydings 1999/2000 Fiona Paterson
1962/63 Don Greenhill 2000/01 Simone Martin
1963/64 John Stringfellow 2001/02 Colin Cook
1964/65 T Kelly 2002/03 Kara Whitaker and Peter Goff
1965/66 John Stringfellow 2003/04 Daniel Hazell
1966/67 M Miller 2004/05 Peter Goff
1967/68 M Miller 2005/06 Debra Hendrie
1968/69 N McPhail 2006/07 James Anderson
1969/70 G Miller 2007/08 Jessie Thomas
2008/09 Peter Brigg
2009/10 Jen White
2010/11 Peter Brigg
2011/12 Francene Leaversuch
2012/13 Ross Bossworth
2013/14 James Anderson
2014/15 Angela Juengling
2015/16 Kate Hutchinson
2016/17 Terry Griffiths
2017/18 Amy Prosser

Multiple Winners
John Stringfellow 4, Reg Beaton 4, Ross Bosworth 4, M Miller 3, Don Greenhill 3, Peter Brigg 3

Consecutive Winners
R Vivian 2, M Miller 2 and Ross Bosworth 2

1st Female winner
Miss I Mills in 1945/46

Presidents who have won the Presidents Cup
T B Hook, Fred Thorne, Colin Cook, Peter Goff, Ross Bosworth; John Stringfellow and Peter Brigg

President who have won the Presidents Cup whilst President
Ross Bosworth and John Stringfellow

Longest time to win the Presidents Cup
Colin Cook 69 years of trying to get his handicap right to finally win in 2001/02