Points Races Round 01

Results Round 01

Standings Round 01

Round 01 of Points Races for the Season began on the first weekend of Patrol. Starting at 8.00 am with the Long Swim competitor numbers grew for subsequent events. The morning finished with a Board Race. Thanks to Rose, Claire and Amanda for Timekeeping and Rose and Tim for Water Safety.

Points Races Round 02

Results Round 02

Standings Round 02

Cold wind and cold water meant cold competitors. Strong side sweep so the Long Swim was clockwise rectangle course as was the Run Swim Run. The Long Run was a chance to warm up or at the very least get blown home. Everyone missed the warm showers. Thanks to Claire and Tim for Timekeeping and Tim for Water Safety.

Points Races Round 03

Results Round 03

Standings Round 03

Nippers started on the beach so that bought some parents along, welcome Kate. Flat conditions and still cool in the water. Thanks to Kate, Katy and Claire for Timekeeping and Luke and Hendo for Water Safety. The Handicaps are starting to come into play, in the Womens events.

Points Races Round 04

Results Round 04

Standings Round 04

Welcome to Brie Mercer (apparently no relation) who competed in Points Races to improve her Bronze Medallion Run Swim Run time. Callum is back, Anna, Maggie and Elliot also. Thanks to Tim, Hendo, Rose and Brie for Timekeeping and Karen and Anna for Water Safety. Sim and Tara competed in the Run Swim Run with the SRC group. The Overall Leaders are away this week so get some Points!

Points Races Round 05

Results Round 05

Standings Round 05

Some challenging conditions with a big shore break but lovely sunny day. Welcome back to Jo and Alen. Thanks to Jo and Karen for Timekeeping and Hendo and Karen for Water Safety. Thanks to Karen for running Points Races in my absence. This was the first week of Points Races using the Permanent Buoys.

Points Races Round 06

Results Round 06

Standings Round 06

Great conditions, warm, sunny, calm with permanent buoys. Full 400 m for the Long Swim and 200 m 200 m 100 m for the Run Swim Run. Welcome to Josh, Emma and Jack. Thanks to Lisa and Claire for Timekeeping and Stirling for Water Safety. Two more weeks to qualify for the Presidents’ Cup Trophy Swim.

Points Races Round 07

Results Round 07

Standings Round 07

Another great Sunday morning, warm, sunny, calm and the biggest fields so far for the Long Swim and Run Swim Run. Welcome to Marnie, Kath, Cocky and Harry.  Thanks to Emma, Nins and Sarah for Timekeeping and Harry and Rose for Water Safety. One more week to qualify for the Presidents’ Cup Trophy Swim.

Points Races Round 08

Results Round 08

Standings Round 08

Our biggest turn out so far, on another calm and sunny Sunday morning. Not too much faff and finished by 8.53 am. Welcome to Kate. Thanks to Emma, Tim, Kate, Rose and Brie for Timekeeping and Harry and Rose for Water Safety. Next Sunday is the Presidents’ Cup Trophy Swim over 800 m.

Points Races Round 09

Results Round 09

Standings Round 09

Post the Presidents’ Cup there wasn’t much enthusiasm for Run Swim Running or Long Running, other than Callum. So the Presidents’ Cup results count toward the Long Swim. Elliot and Jack may have gone board paddling.  Thank you to Harry, Peter K, Leavo and others who volunteered as Water Safety and to Ray and Rhodri for driving the IRB. Thanks to Hugh (partner of one of the swimmers) and Glenda (Marketing) for Timekeeping.

Points Races Round 10

Results Round 10

Standings Round 10

First Points Races for the New Year, great conditions and the beach to ourselves. Thanks to Louise, Dan and Rose for Water Safety and Sarah for Timekeeping. Special mention to Jason who completed the Long Run with Lochlan either being piggy backed or on his shoulders. Briggy did his own 10 am Points Races that have been integrated into the results.

Points Races Round 11

Results Round 11

Standings Round 11

The Oldham Memorial Cup Trophy Event followed by the Ocean M Mixed / Family Teams Event so no Run Swim Run or Long Run this week. Thanks to Lauren Brayford for acting as timekeeper, Robbie for helping with results, Karen and Tim on boards as water safety and Ando and Dom in the IRB as water safety.

Points Races Round 12

Results Round 12

Standings Round 12

A strong northerly breeze saw different conditions to normal and we races anti-clockwise where possible to minimise swimming/paddling into the current and gain some assistance from the skates. Thank you to Amanda who was timekeeper for the morning and Harry for water safety. Dom has started his tilt at the Duncan McPhail Trophy. Ando was Webscorer running so we may use that in coming weeks.

Points Races Round 13

Results Round 13

Standings Round 13

Post Swanny Ocean Classic. Same morning as the Lifesaving Championships. Reasonably good turn out and conditions were a bit average (choppy and wind was up). Thank you to Karen for organising Points Races this week, Logan for timekeeping, Emma and Karen for water safety.

Points Races Round 14

Results Round 14

Standings Round 14

Good conditions for swimming with some swell coming through. To enable self time keeping the Long Swim was out and back so 100 m longer than normal. Maggie and Marnie may have stopped for morning tea during the Long Run. Thank you to the Competitors, Dom, Tim and Brie for timekeeping and to the patrol for water safety.

Points Races Round 15

Results Round 15

Standings Round 15

Held at the same time as the Youth Club Championships so thank you to both sets of competitors for allowing this to happen. Thank you to Lisa for recording and Tim for timekeeping. Logan and Dom were in the IRB for the Long Swim. Briggy and Ando started later than the rest of the Long Swim field, that included an appearance by Goffy (Peter Goff) in preparation for the Port to Pub swim and the debut of Tom Pebbles, an Under 12 competitor who more than held his place in the Long Swim (2nd to Callum by 20 seconds) and the Run Swim Run (a Bronze Medallion proficiency worthy 6 m 46 s!).

Points Races Round 16

Results Round 16

Standings Round 16

Round 16 was the F. E. Ford Cup 1600 m Swim Trophy Event and the Duncan McPhail Trophy 1500 m Run Trophy Event.

Points Races Round 17 & 18

Results Rounds 17 & 18

Standings Round 17 & 18

The Double Points Season Finale of Points Races for 2022/23. Despite the large turnout for the Club photo the turnout for Points Races was smaller. Thanks to Tim and Peter for timekeeping and the Patrol for water safety. Double points did make a difference to the overall winners!

Points Races Champions 2022/23

Congratulations to our Points Races Champions for Season 2022/23:

Long Swim: Joanne Turton and Tim Tucak

Long Run: Emma Kavanagh and John Henderson

Run Swim Run: Joanne Turton and John Henderson

Board: Rose Blakey-Scholes and Tim Tucak

Overall: Joanne Turton and John Henderson

Thanks to everyone who took part or helped with timekeeping/water safety.

(The Board Race points weren’t counted in the Overall results, but even if they were it would not change the results).