Points Races Provisional Programme

We think the programme for Swanny Points Races Season 2021/22 (to be uploaded soon) will be along these lines. Then again we might just change our minds at some point.

Points Races Guide

Read the Points Races Guide for the what, why, who and how as well as how to win of Points Races!


Points Races Round 01

Results Round 01

Standings Round 01

Windy and overcast, not the best of mornings to kick off Points Races for the season. Thanks to Cherie for timekeeping and Jamie and Robbie for water safety. No permanent buoys as yet. All swimmers were resplendent in their high visibility vests. Thanks to Victor and the morning patrol for assisting in freeing the ATV when stuck in soft sand.

Points Races Round 02

Results Round 02

Standings Round 02

The sun was out but the permanent buoys weren’t. Jules made his season debut and took line honours in all three events. Thanks to Gail for timekeeping the Long Swim before doing the Run Swim Run. Thanks to Robbie, Tilly and Sasha for water safety and then doing the Long Run. As we were packing up the buoys a member of the public reported concerns about a young child further north on the beach, so Amanda led the search, successful location and welfare check.

Points Races Round 03

Results Round 03

Standings Round 03

Another pleasant morning for Points Races. We used the small red buoys so as not to get into trouble for borrowing the Nipper equipment without permission. Thanks to Brodie and Phil for timekeeping, Annie, Luke, Sharpe and Jack for water safety. Proficiency joined in for the Run Swim Run, so the field was split into Women and Men.

Some queries:

Long Swim / Long Run: Who is Charlie?

Points Races Round 04

Results Round 04

Standings Round 04

Nippers are back but the Permanent Buoys are not. Later start once the beach cleared. Competitors were canvased on an 8.00 am or 10.30 am start going forward. With beaches between Port and North Cottesloe closed following a marine creature incident yesterday, the buoys were set closer to shore. Thanks to David Williams and the IRB crew for water safety, Elliott, Amanda, Ben and Briggy for timekeeping.

Points Races Round 05

Results Round 05

Standings Round 05

Permanent Buoys! Thanks to Jason and Alex for setting these. With known distances that can be replicated each week, the Handicap factors were adjusted for the first four weeks so some changes to the Standings. Thanks to Matt Elliot for timekeeping. Proficiency joined in for the Run Swim Run and some of the Bronzies for the Run Swim Run and Long Run.

Points Races Round 06

Results Round 06

Standings Round 06

Thanks to our Surf Sports Manager, Cherie McLachlan for running Points Races in my absence whilst under taking the 120 km MSWA Ocean Ride. Good turn out sunny 29’C with slight onshore winds WNW. Order of events Long Swim, Run Swim Run, long run. Under threat of mutiny the Run Swim Run course was changed as follows: Start run at north cone, run to centre cones and return to north cone. Swim to north red buoy, left hand turn to yellow buoy, left hand turn to shore turn at centre cones on the beach. Run to north cones and finish run at centre cones.  Ben Juengling was a late entry into the water for the long swim (>30 seconds) and still made it out in 9m 12s. Claire Tucak did the Long Swim and the swim leg of the RSR. Good battle for finish in the Long Run with Jamie Brigg ultimately taking out first over Rhett O’Connor.

Points Races Round 07

Results Round 07

Standings Round 07

Another great day at the beach. Proficiency run and swam earlier so instead the Nipper Rescue Certificate swim used the same turning buoy as the Long Swim. Thanks to Libby Rayner and Kate Hutchinson for timekeeping. The President’s Cocktail Party the night before meant numbers were down somewhat.

Points Races Round 08

Results Round 08

Standings Round 08

Early sea breeze about 9.30 am but the sun was out and it was another great day at the beach. Numbers were up as swimmers qualify for the Presidents’ Cup. Thanks to Emma Kavanagh, Amanda Simper, Emma Shaughnessy and Rose Blakey-Scholes for timekeeping and Robbie Brigg, Elliot Kluken, Jack Harrison and Lachie Broomhall for water safety. The Nipper Rescue Certificate swim used the same turning buoy as the Long Swim but we missed most of them.

Query: Which Daniel competed? Daniel Baini or Daniel James?

Points Races Round 09

Results Round 09

Standings Round 09

A busy morning at the beach with SRC Assessment, Proficiency, NCSLSC Cadets and Nippers. Given the early sea breeze Callum suggested we start the Long Swim at the middle buoy, swim into the chop for 100 m then with it for 200 m, which seemed to work well. Run Swim Run was separate from Proficiency as they weren’t ready so no points were taken by first timers. Peter Klauz took to the sand with stored and tired leg muscles after the Boaties workout yesterday.

Points Races Round 10

Results Round 10

Standings Round 10

Presidents’ Cup in the morning – report here. After Nippers and Santa arrived, regular Points Races were held.  Thanks to Andrew Coz and Emily Kendall for timekeeping the Run Swim Run, Ben Leonard for timekeeping the Long Run and Tim Tucak for timekeeping the Long Swim. Kath Laws had a second Long Swim along with Peter Klauz and Andrew Cox. A pleasant day at the beach.

Points Races Round 11

Results Round 11

Standings Round 11

At the Sunsmart time of 8.00 am whilst Nippers are on holidays Points Races kicked off with the Long Run. Ray still had some energy so recorded the fastest time. Calm conditions for the Long Swim and Run Swim Run. Thank you to Kareena’s friend Chloe who helped out as timekeeper. Thanks to Max Davies for water safety. As Peter Klauz was keen we held a Board Race. Peter led to the southern apex before Jules and Ray could pass him. Nick Hudson didn’t race but was exceedingly Sunsmart.

Points Races Round 12

Results Round 12

Standings Round 12

Not the best of conditions with an early sea breeze, unsettled and unclear waters. Oldham Memorial Cup early then Ocean M Mixed / Family Teams event then the balance on Points Races. Thanks to Leesa Equid for timekeeping and Zoe for helping Chaff in the Run Swim Run. Jason Williams is repairing the recovered northern inner permanent buoy

Points Races Round 13

Results Round 13

Standings Round 13

A quiet morning before the excitement of the Swanbourne Cup. Thanks to Lizzie Carson for timekeeping and Stewie Alcorn for swimming with Bella. Run swim run was a choose your own turn on the first run so for the swimmers, like Stewie, this was earlier, whereas the non-swimmers it was in line with the buoys. To the best of my knowledge, there was no tsunami alert in place for west coast beaches, ensuring our Survival! (KNGIMS joke 🙂 )

Points Races Round 14

Results Round 14

Standings Round 14

The quietest morning of Points Races this season. With the Handicapper away at Champion Lifesaver it is unclear if it was the heat, post Dash 4 Cash tiredness or Country Carnival hangover. James came third in the Long Run but was a stranger to the timekeeper, so if that was you, get in touch. Similarly, if you did the Run Swim Run but don’t have a recorded time.

Points Races Round 15

Results Round 15

Standigs Round 15

Officially the quietest morning of Points Races this season, being the morning after Blue Party, Swanny Ocean Classic and the end of the heatwave. The lack of mention in the Weekend Brief probably didn’t help either.

Points Races Round 16

Result Round 16

Standings Round 16

A quiet morning after the Swanny Wedding of the Season the night before. Also the U14 / U15 / U17 Club Championships meant a 10.30 am start. Ray couldn’t wait, so swam 1.6 km in laps around the permanent buoys. Thanks to Leesa for timekeeping.

Points Races Round 17

Results Round 17

Standings Round 17

Another quiet morning, maybe the shorebreak / rocks scared competitors off after Briggy’s injury the previous day. Briggy was down on Patrol but understandably was not competing. Thanks to Justin for timekeeping.

Points Races Round 18

Results Round 18

Standings Round 18

Smaller turn out. Good conditions, slight cross offshore wind, more water safety than competitors in the Long Swim. Thanks to Cherie for timekeeping and recording.

Points Races Round 19

Results Round 19

Standings Round 19

Traditionally the March Long Weekend is an informal Points Races. However, as competitors were keen, races were conducted and times recorded. This allowed some competitors to qualify for the coming Trophy events, so hopefully, there are no upsets from these competitors in those events.

Points Races Round 20

Round 20 comprised the F. E. Ford Cup 1600 m Trophy Swim and the Duncan McPhail Trophy 1500 m Trophy Run. There was no enthusiasm for Run Swim Run after the above.

Results Round 20

Standings Round 20

Points Races Champions 2021/22

Congratulations to our Points Races Champions for Season 2021/22:

Long Swim: Timothy Tucak and Joanne Turton

Long Run: Timothy Tucak and Claire Tucak

Run Swim Run: Callum Griffiths and Claire Tucak

Overall: Timothy Tucak and Claire Tucak

Thanks to everyone who took part or helped with timekeeping/water safety.



Points Races will run on the following basis this Season:

Season winners shall be awarded on the sum of the aggregate points in each race, for only those races that were conducted regularly and on a handicap basis, in the following categories or as determined by the Points Races Officer:
• Male
• Female
In the event of there being a tie, all tied competitors shall be deemed the winner.

Overall season winners shall be awarded on the sum of aggregate points in all races, for only those races that were conducted regularly and on a handicap basis, in the following categories or as determined by the Points Races Officer.
• Male
• Female
In the event of there being a tie, all tied competitors shall be deemed the winner.