Congratulations to Chris Hazell who is the winner* of the Oldham Memorial Cup for Season 2021/22.

Oldham Memorial Cup 202122

After arriving at Swanbourne Beach this morning it was noted that the northern inner red permanent buoy was no longer permanent nor in situ.  This meant we were one buoy short of the proposed course with 400 m finishing loop. A single buoy was set in line with the central and southern inner buoys. As the start turning buoy was about to be set, the Swanny Running Club ran past on the Marine Parade path, shouting that the course should start further south and be straight along the coast without a loop. Given the sea breeze was more or less already in and the prevailing current was south to north, this was probably a sensible idea. North Cottesloe SLSC has a set of buoys about 50 m out so it was decided to use one of these, although the exact distance wasn’t exactly known. This also meant a longer walk to the start line but this allowed us to collect Phil from the original start line and some late stragglers to join us.

Fourteen swimmers contested the Oldham Memorial Cup this season, with Dom and Sue off from go. With almost 1 km between the first and final buoy picking a swimming line was critical. Marnie, Tim and Hendo were further out and felt like they had swum at 45 degrees into the final buoy whereas Kath was closer to shore and missed one of the permanent buoys. The water wasn’t particularly clear. Haze slipped away and wasn’t seen until the finish. Marnie, Tim and Hendo all came into the shorebreak together with Jules just behind. Tim managed to get to the cones first, just in front of Hendo, then Marnie and Jules, the group separated by only 5 seconds! Callum Griffiths was fastest for the fifth successive season, the fifth time in this event, the twelfth time in swim trophies and the fourteenth time in perpetual trophies. Thank you to Cherie who was timekeeper and the patrol for water safety.

Pre race course plan and handicaps

Fourteen contestants for the Oldham Memorial Cup at the start

An interesting finish line challenge for the Oldham Memorial Cup

Hendo (third), Haze (first), Handicapper (second)

Who swam where – Strava tracks from Jules, Tim, Ray, Leesa and Phil

*Subject to Steward’s check of his jammers for flotation**

**Listed in the Federal Court for determination of legality on Monday following the action by Novax Djokovic.