Congratulations* to Team CompGPT – Callum Griffiths, Harry Pazin, Claire Tucak and Tim Tucak, who were reasonably consistent across all legs to claim the Ocean M Mixed Team / Family Event for Season 2023/24. Claire ran into second, Callum narrowed the gap in the swim, Harry had a narrow lead after the board, which Tim increased in the ski.

Second place was Team McLLLendo – Fiona McLarty, Ben Leonard, Ray Lampard and John ‘Hendo‘ Henderson who put in a solid first three legs with Fiona running, Ben swimming and Hendo board paddling before Ray powered through the ski to climb into second place.

Third place was Team Enthused – Josh Engelbrecht, Kate Hutchinson, Lydia Defrancesco and Stirling Stilwell, the only truly mixed team. Lydia led early in the run, Josh held this lead in the swim, Stirling was just behind the leader in the board with Kate anchoring the team home in the ski.

Harry and Stirling both receive a penalty for only rounding one of the turning M cones/poles (and then passing between the turning M cones/poles!). Harry also left his board on the beach!

Ocean M Mixed Teams Family Event 2024 (Somewhat complicated set of results – you’ll work it out!)

Thanks to Ray, Hendo and Tim for setting the turning buoys. Thanks to Lisa and Andrew for helping with timekeeping/recording. Massive thank you to Ray for retrieving the buoys and anchors. Thank you to all who participated and see you next season!

Team CompGPT – Callum Griffiths, Harry Pazin, Claire Tucak and Tim Tucak

Team McLLLendo – Ray Lampard, Fiona McLarty, John ‘Hendo‘ Henderson and Ben Leonard

Team Enthused – Stirling Stilwell, Josh Engelbrecht, Lydia Defrancesco and Kate Hutchinson

*As this is a new event, it is still unclear if there is a prize/trophy beyond bragging rights?