Congratulations* to Team Williams’ – Bernadette Williams, Rhodri Simmonds (married to a Williams twin), Anne-Marie Juengling (nee Williams) and Ben Juengling (married to a Williams twin), who after a slow start had great board and ski legs to claim the Ocean M Mixed Team / Family Event for Season 2022/23. This event was Annie’s idea and this is the first season she and the Williams – Juengling – Simmonds juggernaut has been able to compete. Bernie strolled through the run leg, as she is (a) pregnant and (b) was accompanied by Lois Juengling (child of a Williams twin). Rhodri made up some ground water in the first half of the swim before Annie and Ben made the difference in the craft legs.

Second place was Team KARNKate Hutchinson, Antony Leaversuch, Ray Lampard, Natalie Owens who spent most of the event in second place until overtaken in the ski leg, prior to the disqualification of the first team across the line.

Third place was Team MeTTLe – Brie Mercer, Claire Tucak, Tim Tucak, Jason Lenard, a combination of newly joined and long serving Club members.

In fourth place and first ‘true’ family team was Team Engelbrecht – Lisa Engelbrecht, Hannah Engelbrecht, Josh Engelbrecht, Andrew Engelbrecht. Josh was fresh of his Oldham Memorial Cup win (although he board paddled for this event) and Andrew freshly on a ski for his first time paddle.

In fifth place was Team KATS – Emma Kavanagh, Liam Ashby, Jo Turton, Katy Speldewinde – with Emma getting some extra distance in the ski paddle (to be fair the orange ski buoy was slightly off alignment).

First across the line but unfortunately disqualified was Team Brigg, Jamie Brigg, Kit Brigg, Robbie Brigg and Briggy. Leading each leg from start to finish, Kit unfortunately turned the swim buoys rather than the board buoys for the second part of the M, sadly leading to their disqualification.

The real drama was during the second half of the swim leg. The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was circling to the north along with a Wesfarmers Emergency Response Team rescue water craft. After being notified that they had seen a 1.5 m hammerhead shark, Ando decided it was prudent to evacuate the swimmers from the water. At that point Briggy was at the shoreline having completed the swim, Kate was heading in from the turning buoy, Hannah and Claire were approaching the turning buoys and Jo and Rhodri were rounding the poles in the middle of the M. Once we had confirmed everyone’s safety the event was restarted from the shore at the end of the swim, with artificial time gaps imposed. Briggy – 30 secs – Kate – 30 secs – Hannah – 10 secs – Claire – 30 seconds – Jo – 10 secs Rhodri.

Ocean M Event 202223 (Somewhat complicated set of results – you’ll work it out!)

Thanks to Katy, Tim, Ando and Dom for setting the turning buoys. Thanks to Ben and Bernie for helping with  timekeeping/recording. Thank you to all who participated and see you next season!

Team Engelbrecht – Josh, Andrew, Lisa and Hannah Engelbrecht.

*As this is a new event, it is still unclear if there is a prize/trophy beyond bragging rights?