Congratulations to Team WiLLLpower, Jason Williams, Ninette Lorenzen, Brenton Laws and Kath Laws, who through some canny combining of last season’s teams, are the winners* of the second Ocean M Mixed Teams / Family Event.

Last years winners Team HOLO, Kate Hutchinson, Natalie Owens, Ray Lampard and Justin Owens, made one substitution and placed second .

Team GunzBlazing, Lucy Gunzburg, Lauren Bailey, Chris Hazell and Colm McCarthy were placed third with a new combination.

In fourth place and first family team was Team Brigg, Jamie Brigg, Kit Brigg, Robbie Brigg and Briggy.

In fifth place was Team GrifTimDom of Callum Griffiths, Marnie Griffiths, Tim Tucak and Dominic Bertschinger.  Technically non-compliant with the mixed team rules but made the early running (Dom) before swimming (Callum) away to a substantial lead before getting board (Marnie) and crafty (Tim).

With a solid claim on fifth despite finishing sixth is Team BiSKit, Luke Bishop, Peran Bishop, Megan Stibbard and Lucy Kitching, who almost worked their way up to fifth with solid paddles from Pez and Luke.

Finishing seven, but none the less, still finishing, was Team LoKaRoNi, Logan Ovenden-Clarke, Kate McInerney, Rob Tewksbury and Nick Hudson, also technically non-compliant but none of the other teams seemed to care.

Hopefully next season the calendar will permit a Juengling Simmonds super team powered by Williams’s to compete.

Ocean M Mixed Teams Event 2022 (Complicated set of results – you’ll work it out!)

There were seven teams of four so twenty eight participants. The event is now the Ocean M – Mixed / Family Team Event to encompass some family rivalries within the Club. So maybe the Defranceso’s and Banfields and the like can learn to paddle a ski.

Thanks to Jason and patrol for setting the turning buoys. Thanks to Cherie for helping with officiating and timekeeping/recording. Thank you to all who participated and see you next season!

Competitors and creche:

Skis at the turn:

Jason running to the finish, Justin at the finish, Colm doing his darndest to mess up another finish, Briggy at the finish, Tim coming in to finish, Luke coming in to finish and Logan coming in to finish.


*As this is a new event, it is still unclear if there is a prize/trophy beyond bragging rights?