Congratulations to Team BLOW who blew away the competition to be the winners* of the inaugural Ocean M Mixed Teams Event for Season 2020/21.

Team BLOW – Sam Barnett, Ray Lampard, Natalie Owens, Justin Owens

Actually it was closer than that with Team HoliGrall just 5 seconds behind them, followed by Team Brigg who didn’t dive and instead got the jump on forth.

Team HoliGrall – Sydney Hodges, Jason Williams, Marnie Griffiths, Lachlan Broomhall

Team Brigg – Jamie Brigg, Peter Brigg, Robbie Brigg, Christopher Brigg

Ocean M Mixed Teams Event 2021

There were seven teams of four so twenty eight participants. From next season this event will become the Ocean M – Mixed / Family Team Event to encompass some family rivalries within the Club.

The event began with a 500 m run, which due to a misinterpretation of the Surf Sports Manual had runners do two laps of a 400 m soft sand course so probably simultaneously a bit too hard and soft at the same time (no wonder they were going slow!). Next was the swim leg and only Briggy had thought about this beforehand when he swam straight out to the buoy and straight back in, to minimise the slower swimming/maximise the faster running for the mid course transition. Obviously, as he swum back through the following pack they all realised what was going on and followed suit. Races are won ‘Between the Ears‘.

The board leg was reasonably uneventful although there was discussion as to where the board could be left – at the shore or in the changeover square. Drama in the ski as Maia entered the water second, with Chris Brigg to chase down. Then only 20 metres from shore Maia was out of the ski and appeared to be making some adjustments to what was later confirmed as a paddle issue. This proved costly to placings and got the Stewards investigating Logan’s sabotage comment. Colm forgot the pre race briefing and dove for the finish line that wasn’t allowing Chris Brigg to stumble past into third.

Thanks to Logan and crew for setting the turning buoys. Thanks to Mark for helping with officiating and timekeeping/recording/ Thank you to all who participated and see you next season!

*As this is a new event, unclear if there is a prize/trophy beyond bragging rights?