Congratulations to Callum Griffiths and Ellie Turton who are the winners* of the F. E. Ford Cup for Season 2023/24.

F E Ford Cup 2023/24

With a small field (considering all the other events on this week) and some large handicaps, it was decided to start all competitors on scratch and apply the handicaps after the swim. Callum and Ellie dead heated with Josh Engelbrecht only 4 seconds behind in third. Susie Defrancesco completed her first Trophy event and having successfully tackled 1600 m will now be swimming the Swanny Ocean Classic next season.

Thanks to Andrew Engelbrecht for timekeeping, Claire Eva, Lilly Carter and Mia Paganoni for water safety, Lydia Defrancesco for water safety for Susie. Fastest was Callum Griffiths, the sixth time in this event, the seventeenth time in swim trophies and the nineteenth time in perpetual trophies.


*This season Ellie has been first across the line in the Presidents’ Cup (but ineligible to win) and first female across the line in the Oldham Memorial Cup as well as being Under 15 Club Champion!

**Callum had to leave at the conclusion of the swim for another commitment and was unavailable for the photo.