Congratulations to Leesa Equid who is the winner* of the F. E. Ford Cup for Season 2022/23.

F. E. Ford Cup 2022/23

The drama started early, when the steep drop off in the beach meant we couldn’t get the ATV down to the water’s edge and there was insufficient width to drive the turning buoy to Grant Street. Thanks to Ray Lampard for setting an alternative course, with a buoy 400 m north to allow for a 4 lap swim.

Thanks to Lisa Engelbrecht for timekeeping, Dan Johnson, Stirling Stilwell and Tim Tucak for water safety. Angus Peate (another U/12) paddled as Tom Pebbles’ personal water safety. Tom stepped up in his second week of Points Races to swim the 1600 m. Swimming laps is potentially confusing and several swimmers stopped to ask directions. Kristie Orchard swam her own version of the 4 laps, putting in a few extra turns and different lap combinations. Ellie Turton swam with her mother until approach the final buoy, when she left Jo behind.

Congratulations to Leesa Equid who won, making it back to back F. E. Ford Cup’s, ahead of Josh Engelbrecht and Alen Pazin. Fastest was Callum Griffiths, the fifth time in this event, the fifthteenth time in swim trophies and the seventeenth time in perpetual trophies.


*All that open water swimming training for the Rottnest Channel Swim second solo paid off!

**Last season’s photo. Terry and Leavo didn’t swim this season.