Congratulations to Leesa Equid who is the winner* of the F. E. Ford Cup for Season 2021/22.

F. E. Ford Cup 202122

Ten swimmers for the F. E. Ford Cup, perhaps due to the Bronze Medallion Assessment and Mega Cup the evening before.  As there were no low handicap competitors we were able to start the stopwatch at 9.00 minutes (actually we couldn’t find the stopwatch after Club Championships the weekend before) to speed things up. Maia Simmonds was the go marker and Callum Griffiths the back marker. Thanks to Tim for timekeeping, Haze and Sarah H for water safety.

First across the line was Maia (we had guessed her handicap). First eligible competitor across the line was Leesa Equid, 20 seconds in front of Terry Griffiths. Fourth across the line was Alen Pazin, also ineligible to place, followed by Tony Leaversuch to place third. Fastest was Callum Griffiths, the fourth time in this event, the thirteenth time in swim trophies and the fifthteenth time in perpetual trophies.

*All that open water swimming training post neck brace paid off!