Congratulations to Tim Tucak who is the winner* of the F. E. Ford Cup for Season 2020/21.

F. E. Ford Cup 202021

Overcoming the hurdles of not being able to find the stopwatch (it had been left in the Patrol Tower last Sunday) and then losing the anchor to the cobbled together spare parts buoy (another weight was found to use an anchor) the F. E. Ford Cup was conducted in great swimming conditions: calm, clear and stinger free. Thirteen swimmers took the water for the swim, down to the turning buoy at Vera View and back.

Tim saw some swimmers at the turning buoy and then again at the northern inner buoy as he turned for the beach. Thinking it was Kath, he swam as hard as he could to stay ahead and relegate Leesa, as it turned out, into her third second place for Cup swims this season. Thanks to Water Safety and Hannah for timekeeping with assistance from Terry in recording. Sydney was the fastest swimmer just ahead of Callum. Thanks also to the afternoon patrol for a fine Waterman effort in promptly retrieving the missing anchors!

*Yes he is also the Handicapper. Anyway good handicapping as it was a close finish!*