Congratulations to James Anderson who is the winner* of the Duncan McPhail Trophy for Season 2022/23.

Duncan McPhail Trophy 2022/23

A small field for the Duncan McPhail Trophy. Kristie Orchard took a break from sweeping the boat shed, Emma Kavanagh was waiting at the patrol shelter and James Anderson joined in once we hit the beach. Ando led from start to finish, mistakenly thinking the footsteps behind him were Kristie or Emma but they weren’t. He also claims to have been ‘attacked’ by Leesa Equid’s puppy.

Thanks to Tim Tucak for timekeeping.


*First time Ando has won this Trophy.

**Previous season’s photo. Ando didn’t run in this outfit this season.

***Featured image shows Ando right holding a trophy (not the Duncan McPhail Trophy) with Gavin Pascoe (winner of the 1999/2000 Duncan McPhail Trophy.)