Congratulations to Tim Tucak who is the winner* of the Duncan McPhail Trophy for Season 2021/22.

Duncan McPhail Trophy 202122

Seven runners for the Duncan McPhail Trophy, perhaps due to the Bronze Medallion Assessment and Mega Cup the evening before. Tim decided to compete when numbers were looking low and was rewarded with the win. First across the line was Darryl Griffiths, making a return to Points Races after many seasons. Second was Leesa Equid only 24 seconds behind with Chris Hazell in third, another 29 seconds further back. Fastest was Dominic Bertschinger, his first fastest result in Trophy events.

Thanks to Rodney Peh for timekeeping.

*Yes he is also the Handicapper. But he only entered so that Leesa didn’t win two trophies on one morning.