Caris Cup Club Marathon Trophy Race

Date & Time

Sunday 9th April 2016 at 9.00 am sharp.


Starting at the Patrol Tower at Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC, sprinting towards the ocean, swimming out to white buoy, across to another white buoy, swimming into shore, running back towards first white buoy, swimming out to white buoy, across to the other white buoy, swimming into shore, running to Cottesloe SLSC and to level with the Pylon, swimming out and around the Pylon, running to Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC, swimming out to white buoy, across to another white buoy, swimming into shore, running back towards first white buoy, swimming out to the white buoy, across to the other white buoy, swimming into shore, sprinting to finish line at bottom of steps to Patrol Tower.

This course is considered to be 3 x Long Run Course and 2 x Long Swim Course with the transition characteristics of the Run Swim Run. Participants will be required to have their race numbers and handicaps clearly marked on their upper arms with black marker. Race numbers and timing splits will (may) be recorded at the Pylon turning point.

(Note: alternate course may apply subject to actual swimming conditions on the day)

Teams welcome to compete. First team member will do first 2 swims with run in between. Second team member will do long run with short swim at Pylon. No prize for teams other than self respect.


Presentation of the Perpetual Trophy at the conclusion of the Caris Cup Club Marathon Trophy Event.

Name engraved on the Perpetual Trophy, to be presented at the Annual Dinner.

Trophy Winners embroidered towel, to be presented at the Annual Dinner.

Presentation of a prize pack

Contenders – 

Ben Juengling
Chris Bettridge
Chris Gawan-Taylor
Chris Hazell
Chris Turner
Colm McCarthy
David Pol
Dan Johnson
James Anderson
Julian Gibbings
Justin Owens
Leigh Nicholas
Mark Grzanka
Max Davies
Michael Prosser
Nick Hudson
Peter Brigg ‘Briggy’
Terry Griffiths
Tim Tucak
Tony Leaversuch ‘Leavo’
Amy Prosser
Anne-Marie Juengling
Bernadette Williams
Emma Chaffey
Joanne Rooke
Kate Hutchinson
Kristie Orchard
Lucy Heliwell
Maia Simmonds
Shari Freeman
Ninnette Lorenzen

* Must Run Soft Sand

Details of Past Winners and Interesting Caris Cup Statistics see below

Previous Winners

1937 J Lynam
1938 H Newby
1939 A Millsteed
1940 W Godfrey
1941 J Lynam
1942 A Wales
1943 A Walsh
1944 F Thorne
1945 T David
1946 B Kelly
1947 Sydney (Syd) D Rowe & Charles (Jim) James Seabrook
1948 G Atherdon
1949 J Seabrook
1950 C Cook
1951 C Cook
1952 B Wegner
1953 B Rowe
1954 W Wales
1955 J Anderson
1956 K Jones
1957 G Bardsley
1958 B Hook
1959 I Jones
1960 G Fletcher
1961 C Cook
1962 D Greenhill
1963 Douglas Thomson
1964 C Ivers
1965 Laurance Healy
1966 R Dorizzi
1967 R. Brimage
1968 C Cook
1969 T. Foley
1970 L Bath
1971 R Milne
1972 G Lynch
1973 J Thorne
1974 –
1975 R Brimage
1976 R Brimage
1977 T Mort
1978 R Beaton
1979 P Goff
1980 P Scrivener
1981 E Jaggard
1982 G Williamson
1983 Antony Leaversuch
1984 Antony Leaversuch
1985 Ric Buist
1986 Glenn Doney
1987 David Sadgrove
1988 Milan Klauz & Antony Leaversuch
1989 Jon Russell
1990 Peter Goff
1991 Milan Klauz
1992 Ian MacDonald
1993 Tim Putnin
1994 Tim Putnin
1995 Elizabeth Feutrill
1996 Milan Klauz
1997 Marina Goff
1998 Edwin Jaggard
1999 Peter Goff
2000 Joel van den Brun
2001 Joel van den Brun
2002 Alex Harrison
2003 Dan Hazell
2004 Peter Goff
2005 Not Held
2006 Tim Tucak
2007 Deb Hendrie
2008 Edwin Jaggard
2009 Andrew Vane
2010 Dan Hazell
2011 Tim Tucak
2012 Julian Gibbings
2013 Joel van den Brun
2014 Peter Klauz
2015 Chris Bettridge
2016 Anne-Marie Williams

Multiple Winners

Colin Cook 4, Peter Goff 4, Milan Klauz 3, Tony Leaversuch 3, Joel van den Brun 3, J Lynam 2, J Seabrook 2, R Brimage 2, Tim Putnin 2, Daniel Hazell 2, Edwin Jaggard 2 and Tim Tucak 2.

Consecutive Winners

Colin Cook 2, Tony Leaversuch 2, R Brimage 2, Tim Putnin 2 and Joel van den Brun 2

1st Female winner

Elizabeth Feutrill.

Swims in the Family in the Caris Cup A Wales and W Wales, Peter Goff and Marina Goff

Dead heats / Dual Winners in the Caris Cup

1946/47 S Rowe & J Seabrook

1987/88 M Klauz & T Leaversuch

Caris Cup Controversy

The race we forgot to run in 1973/74 and 2004/05.

And in 1987/88 course confusion meant two winners were awarded. See Briggy for details!​