Congratulations to Josh Engelbrecht who is the winner of the Caris Cup Club Marathon Trophy for Season 2023/24.

Caris Cup Club Marathon 202324

Nine competitors contested the Caris Cup Club Marathon (there was almost a tenth but Logan got distracted), the last Trophy Event for the season. Tim started with the lowest handicap, followed by Hendo, both running on soft sand. Next was Kate and Kristie with Josh, Stirling and Alen running as a group before being separated in the final Long Swim. Chasing them down was Harry and then Eli (who didn’t have a Long Swim handicap). We ran through the North Cottesloe Iron training group where Lisho mistook us a members of his group! Pez and Rose monitored the Pylon turn. Josh was too strong in the final Long Swim leg to finish 22 seconds in front of Alen with Stirling 14 seconds further back. Conditions were great with calm clear water and ATV tracks for those running on soft sand. Thanks to Alex Harrison for timekeeping. Fastest time was Josh in 33 m 21 s, 12 seconds faster then Harry 33 m 33 s and 15 seconds further back to Alen in 33 m 48 s.