Congratulations to Callum Griffiths who is the winner* of the Caris Cup Club Marathon Trophy for Season 2022/23.

Caris Cup Club Marathon 202223

Four competitors contested the Caris Cup Club Marathon, the last Trophy event for the season. Tim started with the lowest handicap, followed by Callum, Hendo and Harry.  Tim made it to the pylon before being caught on the return run. Harry had the running legs to take the lead. Hendo and Tim battled it out on the last swim. Tim also beat Lochie up the stairs. Just. Fastest time was Harry, so next season he’ll complete the third qualifying swim! Thanks to Kate Hutchinson for timekeeping.



*Callum bookends the season with wins in the first and last Trophy Events (Presidents’ Cup and Caris Cup Club Marathon).

** Artists impression of Callum receiving his Trophy Winners Towel from President Kate Hutchinson for the Caris Cup.

*** Callum with his Trophy Winners Towel (following the Oldham Memorial Cup 2024)