Congratulations to Tim Tucak who is the winner* of the Caris Cup Club Marathon Trophy for Season 2020/21.

Caris Cup 202021

Held on a Saturday morning, participants decided to all start together and then add the handicaps to finishing times. Fastest time was Callum Griffiths with 35 m 36 s whilst Emanuel Cheng rounded out the field at 52 m 00 s. Competitors who had completed their qualifying Long Runs on soft sand where required to complete the Caris Cup runs on soft sand. Sydney Hodges was noted as ‘?softish?’ as only some of her Long Runs were soft sand. Sydney stated before the event she had run soft sand and would do so in the event. After the event Sydney realised she had one Long Run not on soft sand so could have run hard sand!

*Yes he is also the Handicapper.*

Congratulations to Sydney Hodges who is the winner* of the Caris Cup Club Marathon Trophy for Season 2019/20.

Caris Cup 201920

The fifth trophy race during Points Races Season 2019/20, the Caris Cup Club Marathon, was originally planned to be held on Sunday 5th April 2020. Obviously given the restrictions imposed in response to the COVID19 pandemic the Caris Cup was not held. At that time the plan was to conduct the event towards the end of the year, say November or December, pandemic permitting. Only the 33 competitors who qualified would be eligible for the 2019/20 Caris Cup Club Marathon trophy race and they would have to re-establish their handicaps at the start of next Season, by completing 3 Long Swims and 3 Long Runs prior to the rescheduled Caris Cup. The rescheduled Caris Cup Club Marathon was held on Sunday 13th December 2020.

The weather wasn’t the best but nine competitors completed the course. Julian Gibbings had the fastest time, however, Sydney was the clear winner by over two and half minutes.