Caris Cup Club Marathon Trophy Race

Date & Time

Sunday 24th March 2024 at 8.00 am.

Assemble 7.50 am (+/- faff) at Swanny. [Alternate course may apply]

Dress of Competitors
To promote competitor safety and assist with competitor identification, competitors entering the water beyond knee depth are required to wear a pink or yellow lycra as the top layer of clothing.


Starting at the Patrol Tower at Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC, sprinting towards the ocean, around a cone, swimming out to a red buoy, north to a white buoy, south to a white buoy, swimming into shore, around a cone, running towards Cottesloe SLSC and to level with the Pylon, swimming out and around the Pylon, running to Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC to a cone, swimming out to a white buoy, north to another white buoy, south to a red buoy, swimming into shore, around a cone, sprinting to the finish line at top of the steps to the Patrol Tower.

This course is considered to be 3 x Long Run Course and 2 x Long Swim Course with the transition characteristics of the Run Swim Run. [Alternate course may apply]

(Note: alternate course may apply subject to actual swimming conditions on the day)

Teams welcome to compete. First team member will do first and last swim. Second team member will do long run with short swim at Pylon. No prize for teams other than self respect.


Presentation of the Perpetual Trophy at the conclusion of the Caris Cup Club Marathon Trophy Event.

Name engraved on the Perpetual Trophy, to be presented at the Annual Dinner.

Trophy Winners embroidered towel, to be presented at the Annual Dinner.

Presentation of a prize pack

Details of Past Winners and interesting Caris Cup statistics see below:

– Details, Winners,  Statistics, Records, Dates and Reports 1933/34 to 1992/93 – coming soon.

Contenders – Handicaps coming soon

Callum Griffiths
Harry Pazin
Josh Engelbrecht
John Henderson ‘Hendo’**
Philip Cave
Tim Tucak*
Claire Tucak
Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Turton
Hannah Engelbrecht
Kristie Orchard
Lisa Engelbrecht

* Must Run Soft Sand

** Soft / Hard Sand Handicaps


Following the Caris Cup

Points Races Season Finale *Double Points*

Rounds 19 & 20 Sunday 24th March 10.15 am# *Double Points*
(10.15 am Long Swim 10.30 am RSR 10.45 am Long Run 11.00 am Board Race)


04 m 50 s Ninette ‘Nins’ Williams
05 m 10 s Tim Tucak
09 m 25 s Lydia Defrancesco
10 m 05 s Peter Weston
10 m 10 s Claire Tucak
10 m 20 s Philip Cave
11 m 35 s Leesa Equid
11 m 40 s Andrew Engelbrecht
12 m 05 s Lisa Engelbrecht
06 m 55 s John Henderson ‘Hendo’
13 m 00 s John Henderson ‘Hendo’
13 m 00 s Rhodri Simmonds
13 m 15 s James Anderson ‘Ando’
13 m 15 s Kristie Orchard
13 m 55 s Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Turton
14 m 10 s Hannah Engelbrecht
14 m 30 s Tom Peebles
15 m 10 s Peter Brigg ‘Briggy’
15 m 20 s Stirling Stilwell
15 m 55 s Kath Laws
16 m 25 s Callum Griffiths
18 m 05 s Alen Pazin
18 m 10 s Josh Engelbrecht
20 m 15 s Harry Pazin

Swim Only Handicaps

00 m 00 s Susie Defrancesco
00 m 20 s Yvonne Stickland
01 m 00 s Lucie Vidler
01 m 55 s Sabina Prusa
02 m 00 s David Morley
02 m 40 s Ross Bosworth
03 m 40 s Alex Kenny
03 m 45 s Brenton Tengalia
03 m 45 s Erin Gallagher
04 m 10 s Chris Turner
04 m 15 s Jason Williams
04 m 55 s Joanne Turton
05 m 00 s Sam Bewsher
05 m 05 s Ben Snedeker
05 m 05 s Stewie Alcorn
05 m 10 s Peter Morgan
05 m 35 s Mackenzie (Maggie) Pazin
05 m 40 s Peter Klauz
05 m 40 s Tony Leaversuch ‘Leavo’
05 m 45 s Annabella ‘Bella’ Alcorn
05 m 50 s Kate Hutchinson
06 m 15 s Marnie Griffiths
07 m 00 s Angus Hammond

Run Only Handicaps

05 m 40 s Fiona McLarty
05 m 45 s Catharine Barber
06 m 20 s Lily Simpson
06 m 55 s Anna Edgar
07 m 05 s Natalie Owens
07 m 35 s Julian Gibbings
07 m 39 s Sarah Hitchen
07 m 55 s Adam Lowe
09 m 00 s Naomi Devaney
09 m 05 s Robert (Robbie) Brigg
09 m 35 s Rodney Peh
10 m 00 s Mateo Armendariz Barriga
10 m 35 s David Crawford
10 m 35 s Jack Harrison
12 m 20 s Elijah ‘Eli’ Harrison