The marketing team are excited to announce the Swanny photograph competition! The aim of the game is to gather a collection of Swanny photos to share online and across other marketing materials. If you’d like to enter the competition but don’t want your photograph distributed, just let us know when you enter. The winners will receive a special Swanny prize pack, announced at the Annual Dinner.

1. Why Swanny?
What does the club mean to you?
2. Best Photo
The vote will go out to People’s Choice at Annual inner.

To enter, email your snaps (and queries) to before entries close on Friday, 3 May 2019.

Fun-police T’s & C’s
• You must be a Swanny member to enter! No age limit though
• You can enter on behalf of a non-member. Make sure you get permission. This loophole is for partners, kids or friends – please don’t exploit it
• If the photograph features people that are recognisable, you must get permission to enter. If the person is a minor (under 16), a parent or guardian needs to grant permission. Every. Recognisable. Person
• Don’t infringe on copyright.