The first Inter-Patrol Challenge was held on Sunday 18th April 2021, organised by our Lifesaving Manager, Logan Ovenden-Clarke.

Details were as follows:

Timing: Sunday 18th April, 9am

Duration: Roughly an hour

Location: Swanny Patrol Tower and surrounds

Dress: Patrol uniform, swimmers and patrol/competition cap

Format: A series of mini-challenges testing physical ability, lifesaving skills, quick thinking and outright luck!

(Activities moderated based on team sizes on the day).

Prize: Bragging rights of being the inaugural winners and all the fame and glory that goes with it!


Gallon + Kemp: Maia Simmonds, Jonathan Hills, Lizzie Williams, Brodie Price, Maggie Pazin

McCosker: Luke Bishop, Jamie Brigg, Robbie Brigg, Peter Brigg, Elliot Kluken

Gadsby + Coxon + Allen: Callum Griffiths, Marnie Griffiths, Calum Cameron, Max Davies, Joe Defrenne

Claybrook + Cook + TT: Kate Hutchinson, Matt Nicholson, Seb Forsyth, Sydney Hodges, Jack Harrison, Tim Tucak.

Dover + Colvin + Stevens + KO: Tessa Van Der Laan, Amanda Simper, Alex Aberle-Leeming, James Leonard, Chris Brigg, Kristie Orchard



Strip/dress relay – Beach relay where each competitor must remove their patrol shirt and shorts, run to the rescue tube and back, redress in their patrol shirt and shorts. Tag the next competitor. Six competitors per team.

Spinal board drag – Shuttle relay where four competitors drag another competitor on a spinal board along the beach relay track. Swap to the next competitor. Each of six competitors per team must be dragged.

Board rescue relay – In pairs one competitor swims out to the imaginary turning point, signals, then the other competitors paddles out a rescue board, rescues them then returns to shore. Tag the next competitor. Three pairs of competitors per team.

Human tunnel ball – With each team in a line the rear competitor crawls through the legs of the team to the front of the line. Each competitor in the line has their hands on the shoulder of the competitor in front. First to reach the flag wins.


Strip/dress relay
1. Gallon + Kemp
2. McCosker
3. Claysbrook + Cook + TT
4. Gadsby + Coxon + Allen
5. Dover + Colvin + Stevens + KO

Spinal board drag
1. McCosker
2. Claysbrook + Cook + TT
3. Gallon + Kemp
4. Gadsby + Coxon + Allen
5. Dover + Colvin + Stevens + KO

Board rescue relay
1. Claysbrook + Cook + TT
2. Gadsby + Coxon + Allen
3. McCosker
4. Gallon + Kemp
5. Dover + Colvin + Stevens + KO

Human tunnel ball
1. Claysbrook + Cook + TT
2. Gadsby + Coxon + Allen
3. Dover + Colvin + Stevens + KO
4. McCosker
5. Gallon + Kemp

Place / Total score (lowest wins)
1st.   07 pts  Claysbrook + Cook + TT
2nd. 10 pts  McCosker
3rd.  12 pts  Gadsby + Coxon + Allen
4th.  13 pts  Gallon + Kemp
5th.  18 pts  Dover + Colvin + Stevens + KO