With the Annual Dinner held in October instead of May, Swanny Shorebreak has chosen to honour the various award recipients who had to wait a little longer to be announced, haven’t yet seen their name in the Annual Report and will have to pass on their trophy in only 8 months!

Third up is The Simon Davies Award for The Best Club Person, Peran Bishop. Special mention to Logan Ovenden-Clarke and Tim Tucak who were highlighted by Nick Hudson as being the other contenders for this award this season.

So after venturing down the Club, Swanny Shorebreak managed to call out the following questions to Peran in the Patrol Tower.♥ 

¼ ½ ¾

How long have you been at Swanny?

I joined Swanny in November 2017, so I guess that means this is my 4th season at Swanny? 

How did you come to be at Swanny? (why choose surf lifesaving and why Swanny?) 

To be honest Luke (Bish) had been egging me on to join for years but I thought he was making it sound bigger and better than it really was… but I was completely wrong about that haha. The other reason was that I was seriously unfit and thought it would be a good thing to make a change to my health and fitness (thanks to Logan’s Surf Fit and Monday night swimming it did!)

What did you do to be awarded The Simon Davies Award for The Best Clubperson?

To be honest I’m not 100% sure hahah I suppose the Club has given me so much, I just try to give back as much as it has given to me. Being recognised for it is amazing and I am honoured.

What is it like being the younger brother of The President?

I suppose has its pro’s and con’s hahah? It’s great to have a brother that is such a great role model and does such a killer job of being the Pres!

Who is your favourite ironman/ironwoman?

I’m going to keep it local and say Peter Brigg, especially due to his killer win at Club Champs!!

Favourite food? 

Pizza? anyone that knows me well knows there is too many favourites to choose from hahah.

What are your plans for being at the Club and training this season? 

Training – Well, there’s plans and reality… I’m spending most of my “training” time working on my board skills to try and be semi-competitive at Country Carnival haha (not come last).

Other – I want to finish the audio and TV upgrade to the Bar and I’m also wanting to delve into training higher education…

What do you like about Swanny?

The best thing about Swanny is that no matter who you are or where you’re from there is something for you. Whether you’re an athlete or an average Joe like me there will be something for you. It is probably more of like a family than a club!

Anything else that is funny or interesting?

Fun fact, I hadn’t been swimming in the ocean for about 4 years before I joined Swanny!


♥ (This line is becoming a running gag, after I used it two months ago for Andy Donaldson for the Patrol Member of the Year, last month for Jason Williams’ Single Most Outstanding Achievement by an Individual as it was for the upgrade of the Patrol Tower, and it still works this month as Peran has been upgrading the Wi Fi and security connections to the Patrol Tower)


¼ Left to Right: Peran Bishop, The Simon Davies Award, Luke Bishop. Pez and Bish point to their names on the trophy.

½ Left to Right: Peran Bishop collecting at the Annual Street Appeal.

¾ Left to Right: Peran Bishop modelling a Swanny Beanie. In a bath of ice. Wearing purple ski gear. 

Who is Who:

Annual Dinner – Swanny’s annual night of nights that includes a dinner.
Swanny Shorebreak – This website, newsletter and it’s webmasters and editors, named after the wave that breaks on the shore at Swanny.
Simon Davies – Simon was a silent, tireless worker for our Surf Club, always willing to help in any capacity required. Simon’s death was a loss to us and the community. The Club has seen fit to rename our Best Club Person award, “The Simon Davies Best Club Person Award“. We also proudly display a photo tribute in memory of Simon.    Annual Report 1992/93
Peran Bishop, Pez – SNSLSC Active Member, Bronze Medallion Officer, The Simon Davies Award 2019/20.
Logan Ovenden-Clarke – SNSLSC Active Member, Lifesaving Manager, The Simon Davies Award 2017/18.
Tim Tucak – SNSLSC Life Member, Historical Records Officer, The Simon Davies Award 1997/98.
Nick Hudson – SNSLSC Long Service Member, Ocean Classic Director, The Simon Davies Award 2011/12.
Luke Bishop, Bish – SNSLSC Active Member, President, The Simon Davies Award 2012/13.
Logan’s Surf Fit – See Logan Ovenden-Clarke. Surf Fit is an weekly exercise workout hosted by Logan.
The Pres – See Luke Bishop. The President is a Office of the Club, currently held by Luke.
Peter Brigg, SNSLSC Life Member, Bronze Medallion Trainer, The Simon Davies Award 1996/97.
An average Joe – A term used primarily in North America to refer to a completely average person, typically an average American.
Andy Donaldson – SNSLSC Active Member, Patrol Member of the Year 2019/20.
Jason Williams – SNSLSC Active Member, Single Most Outstanding Achievement by an Individual 2019/20.