Matt Power and Sarah Power

We thought we knew what was going on at Swanny but we keep finding out all sorts of interesting facts. A Country Carnival revelation was that Matt and Sarah Power, were not just siblings, they were also twins! So with Bernie¹ in Melbourne, that means there are new Power Twins at Swanny! We’re guessing that they are non-identical twins and that Sarah is the older of the two (to explain her over-achieving!).


So while Swanny Shorebreak self isolates we decided to get social and put the following hard-hitting investigative journalism questions to Matt and Sarah from a distance. They replied as follows, in the same email, but separated by 1.5 pt spacing:

How long have you been at Swanny?

Sarah: 2 years²
Matt: 3 years³

(Obviously turning up fashionably late to any and every session at Swanny has shortened the length of time the Power Twins think they have spent at Swanny!)

How did you come to be at Swanny? 

Sarah:  Returned from London life and joined my twin brother Matt at the Club.
Matt: Couldn’t get into North Cott due to the waiting list, so joined Swanny with brother Tim♠ because had heard whispers of Blue Party hype.

How are you coping with self-isolation and social distancing?

Matt – Trying not to read too many armageddon theories! Vege garden going strong, Zoom quiz nights, started guitar lessons and treated myself with a new surfboard♣.
Sarah – Attempting to make sourdough bread and brewing Kombucha! Also loving the down dog yoga♣ app (free at:

How have you gone at Club Champs and other Club competitions?

Matt: Not bad – only fell off my ski once at Club Champs♥
Sarah: Battled. Destined to be a bench warmer but can offer good lollies/scroggin mix.♥

Who is your favourite ironman/ironwoman?

Matt: Ky Hurst. Big reason why I still love Nutri-Grain so much today #IronManFood…still working on the Rig…
Sarah: I prefer Iron Man: 4 – The Return starring Robert Downey Jr♦

We’re not sure what is going on here. Ky last won an Ironman title in 2002 and retired from surf lifesaving in 2015. Once again¹¹ we suspect Annie, our Swanny Ironman Series organiser, needs to tell to Matt and Sarah all about the Nutri-Grain Ironman/Ironwoman Series and that the correct answer to the question was Shannon Eckstein and Courtney Hancock. At a pinch we’re also accepting Poole, Bevy, Harriet or Lizzie as suitable answers! The closest ironmen have got to the movies was in 1996 when the Uncle Tobys Super Series raced on Baywatch!

Favourite food?

Matt: (Plural) Seafood and a good Vietnamese Pho number
Sarah: The classic North Street cinnamon scroll∞

Plans for next season? (Also what were you going to do this season but couldn’t?)

Matt: Learn how to ski, reduce ‘board paddling tipping ratio’ when on knees, learn how to swim in a straight line, get a new pair of prescription goggles, strengthen the relationship with Sammy the Seal and set-up beach volleyball @ Swanny (Friday night lights).
Sarah: Would love to get back into running post physio! Naomi, Max and I also have some exciting plans for Annual Dinner¹¹ – stay tuned 🙂

Any sibling rivalry? 

Matt: Always – to see who can get to boards training on time** (**on time meaning within 10 mins of starting)¹²
Sarah: To see who remembers to bring a towel and shoes to training!

What do you like about Swanny?

Matt:  The healthy lifestyle and fun environment Swanny creates. Also, the opportunity to grace in Dave Parsons’ presence at the Club – quality banter.
Sarah: Sammy the Seal, early mornings, beach vibes, great crew!

Claim to Fame?

Matt:  Won Hungry Jacks Whopper eating competition in glory days.¹³  Also made my debut on Rod Laver Arena in 2005** (**ball kid)
Sarah: Learning to paraglide from a French instructor who couldn’t speak English.  Ended up flying into a tree. L’arbre, l’arbre!!

Favourite Song / Favourite Live Music Performance

Matt:  Paul Kelly – How to make gravy / Daft Punk
Sarah: Bay Line – Don’t Stop Never Give Up / Tame Impala




¹Swanny Shorebreak last Twin Power moment was following the 2 km Beach Run at Aussies 2013 at North Kirra when we Media Manager for bathrobe wearing twins, Annie and Bernie.

²Sarah joined at the start of the 2017/18 season so it’s actually 3 seasons.

³Matt joined at the start of the 2015/16 season, had a season off in 2016/17. so it’s actually 4 seasons.

♠Tim joined with Matt at the start of the 2015/16 season, as a refuge from South South Swanbourne (Cottesloe SLSC)

♣Exercise is essential!

♥Both neglected to mention their 8th place in the Swanbourne Cup Mixed Board Rescue heat and then their 8th place in the final! As we noted at the time: “Matt Power had a great swim but appeared headed for the Blue/White buoy. Luckily he self corrected and swam along the string line to signal from the Green/White buoy.”

♦And again we find out an interesting fact – there is an Iron Man 4!

∞Now I’m hungry! Do we switch from Daisies to North Street next season?

¹¹Classic North Street cinnamon scrolls?

¹²Which is Swanny time!

¹³Watch out Nudge!


¼. Matt Power and Sarah Power – if you are having trouble working out who is who, neither of the Power Twins are wearing a watermelon print headband in this photo!

½. Matt Power and Sarah Power – if you are having trouble working out who is who, neither of the Power Twins has a trunk in this photo!

¾. Who is your favourite ironman/ironwoman? Sarah (second from right) could have nominated Nat and Matt (third from left) could have nominated Briggy!