With the Annual Dinner held in October instead of May last year, Swanny Shorebreak has chosen to honour the various award recipients who had to wait a little longer to be announced, haven’t yet seen their name in the Annual Report and will have to pass on their trophy in only 8 months!

Fourth up is  The Kelly O’Mara Trophy for Outstanding Junior Club Member, Jordana Broomhall. 

So after venturing down the Club, Swanny Shorebreak managed to call out the following questions to Jordi in the Patrol Tower.♥ 

¼ ½ ¾

How long have you been at Swanny?

I became a Swanny member in 2003 and yes that was the year I was born. I didn’t really have a choice at that age as I was wearing nappies and couldn’t speak. Meaning I have been a member for 18 years due to my parents¹ brainwashing me from birth.  

How did you come to be at Swanny? (why choose surf lifesaving and why Swanny?) 

Being born into Swanny it has become my home and I can’t imagine being at any other club. I love Swanny’s atmosphere, everyone is so friendly and we always have a great time. At Swanny Club Champs I enjoy competing in beach events such as flags and sprints. My earliest memory at the Club was playing dodgeball and chasing Swanny Santa at Christmas. Every Member puts in 110% into the Club which makes it hard to leave such an amazing club. The challenge and quick thinking is why I enjoy surf lifesaving as every situation and every patient is different.

What did you do to be awarded The Kelly O’Mara Trophy for Outstanding Junior Club Member?

I am very grateful for being awarded The Kelly O’Mara Trophy. I received the recognition for gaining a number of awards such as SRC, Bronze, IRB crew, ARTC, as well as being a lifesaver for 5 years, volunteering for Swanny events such as the Ocean Classic and for attending the SLSWA Rise Up camp last year.

What is it like being the eldest sibling of two Life Members²?

My parents¹ are definitely people I look up to in the Club and have encouraged me at every stage from Nippers to training for different awards. I hope to be as good as them one day.

Who is your favourite ironman/ironwoman?

My favourite Ironman and Ironwoman would have to be Karla Gilbert and Trevor Hendy. I first learnt who they were when I learnt how to read and realised that the Swanny changerooms didn’t say “female” and “male” and being an interested child asked my parents why their names where on the changeroom doors.

Favourite food? 

My favourite food is ice cream, it tastes especially good after a hot day at the beach as it cools you down. I like all flavours but I love salted caramel as I have a sweet tooth so prefer sweeter over savoury. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like ice cream it’s sooo good.

What are your plans for being at the Club and training this season? 

This season I completed my Silver Medallion in Beach Management which led me to the opportunity of becoming a Junior Patrol Captain.  I have really enjoyed and benefited from this opportunity. I am hoping next season I will be able to take on the role again to further develop my skills. I have also assisted with the SRCs training this season helping a large number of Cadets become lifesavers.

What do you like about Swanny?

I can’t think of another place I would rather spend my free time. Swanny is always having a great time whether it’s on patrol in red and yellow or dressed as Minions for the Country Carnival. We also have the best beach with perfect waves for boogie boarding. My favourite memory of Swanny would have to be when I got my SRC as it was my first award. As well as becoming a lifesaver which was what we had heard about and worked towards for the whole of Nippers. That feeling of excitement is why I will never leave Swanny.

Anything else that is funny or interesting?

Jordi was the Under 17 Beach Sprint and Long Run Club Champion in 2017.

In 2019 Jordi achieved the Beach Sprint and Beach Flags double in the Under 17 Club Championships and was Under 17 Overall Club Champion.


♥ (This line is becoming a running gag, after I used it four months ago for Andy Donaldson for the Patrol Member of the Year, then for Jason Williams’ Single Most Outstanding Achievement by an Individual as it was for the upgrade of the Patrol Tower, then for Peran Bishop for the Simon Davies Award, as he had been upgrading the Wi Fi and security connections to the Patrol Tower and it still works this month as Jordi is a Junior Patrol Captain).

¹ Jordi’s parents are Jon and Fiona Broomhall.

² Jordi’s parents, Jon and Fiona Broomhall, are both Life Members of the Club.


¼ Left to Right: Jordana Broomhall, The Kelly O’Mara Trophy for Outstanding Junior Club Member, Erin Gallagher. Jordi receiving The Kelly O’Mara Trophy from Erin, Junior Development Manager.

½ Left to Right: Anne-Marie Juengling, Lucy Gunzburg, Jordana Broomhall, Miriam Williams, Natalie Woolfit. Open Womens Beach Sprint at the 2019/20 Club Championships. Jordi finished third.

¾ Left to Right: Foamie, Jordana Broomhall. Jordi as a Nipper circa 2012 when the Club still had foamies.

Who is Who:

Annual Dinner – Swanny’s annual night of nights that includes a dinner.
Swanny Shorebreak – This website, newsletter and it’s webmasters and editors, named after the wave that breaks on the shore at Swanny.
Jordana Broomhall, Jordi – Active Junior Member and Patrol Captain Taylor Patrol.
Kelly O’Mara – Former SNSLSC Club Member. Kelly joined SNSLSC in 1996 and was a Member until the 2001/02 Season. She joined the Club at the same time as a small but very active group of U/18 female members. Kelly gained her Bronze Medallion on 23 November 1996. Kelly’s highest achievement was winning WA State Lifesaver of the Year in 2001. For several years Kelly served on Education, Social, Lifesaving and Management Committees, most notably as Lifesaving Manager for 2 seasons. In 1998/99, she was jointly (with Erin McKeown) awarded the Simon Davies Best Club Person Award. On the very important Swanny Social front Kelly was a Country Carnival veteran and a stalwart of all Swanny
Social events. Kelly is remembered for her enthusiasm, commitment to Swanny, willingness to help and constant smile. The Kelly O’Mara Trophy for Outstanding Junior Club Member is named in her memory.
Erin Gallagher, Erin McKeown – Junior Development Manager, The Simon Davies Best Club Person Award join winner 1998/99.
Anne-Marie Juengling – Surf Sports Manager and current Club Beach Sprint Champion 2019/20.
Lucy Gunzburg – Deputy President and best result of second in the Beach Sprint at Club Championships.
Miriam Williams – n+1 th Williams Sister and the only one not to have won a Club Beach Sprint Championships.
Natalie Woolfit – Club Ironwoman Champion and best result of fifth in the Beach Sprint at Club Championships.
Fiona Broomhall – SNSLSC Life Member and past Club Beach Sprint Champion 1995/96 to 1999/2000.
Jon Broomhall – SNSLSC Life Member and past Club Beach Sprint Champion 1991/92, 1993/94, 2001/02 and 2004/05 (so one less than Fiona!).
Karla Gilbert – Ironwoman Champion, dominant in the early 1990s and member Surfers Paradise SLSC.
Trevor Hendy – Ironman Champion, dominant in the late 1980s, early 1990s and member Surfers Paradise SLSC.