Emma Doyle

Emma Doyle joined Swanny in 1997/98 Season as a refugee from the south(1). Initially, she was on Patrol 2/Arnold Patrol with Alexia Pinakis and lots of rainbow Paddle Pops(2) were consumed before eventually a Patrol Team of the Year was won(3). Emma spiced up our lives when introducing the Spice Girls to Swanny. She helped with the organisation of many Swanny parties and Annual Dinners(4). It was one of these parties, or all the others, that Emma danced away on the courtyard wall.

Unfortunately, Emma chose surf boat rowing as her competitive outlet. Consequently, she has been surpassed by both her siblings. Katie was in the Championship drought breaking win in 2007 of the Mixed Five Person R&R – ‘The Surf Event’ – and is immortal in the competition annals of Swanny! Jamie won every Club Championship event he contested over the three seasons he was a Member (2002 to 2004) and as he didn’t dance on sand he had a 100 per cent strike rate(5). To Emma’s credit, she did organise the Wild West trip to Albany Country Carnival in 2002 but didn’t have the trailer serviced. Emma was also the Long Run Club Champion in 1999 and later a member of the March Past team that won some prize money.

Emma’s parents Jeremy and Christina were strong supporters of the Club, not only by having their children join the Club and offering Katie as the Patient (shark bait) for the R&R Team. Along with the McKeowns, they were the inaugural Friends of Swanny and strong supporters of the Rampant Swan Bar when the Club first began Friday nights drinks without a liquor licence. At some point, Emma was involved in a Land Rover marketing race promotion thing and was nicknamed “G4 Emma” by another Clubbie who had too many friends called Emma.

Thrice, Emma went to Aussies(6), presumably to row a surf boat. On one trip she uttered the words “I’ll have a little wine” which sadly everyone else interpreted as “I’ll have a little whine”. Another trip, whilst at Billy’s Beach House, Nikki Pascoe, with her number withheld, dialled Emma’s phone about 100 times and kept hanging up. Em sent a few ex’s a curt text message in response.

Emma is married to Vaughan, also a Swanny Clubbie, and they have three children who will be enrolled in Nippers shortly. Emma and Vaughan met while separately training for the 2 km beach run on the same stretch of sand. Vaughan liked Emma’s shoes and as Emma said “When you know, you know!”. They were married at a secluded south west property with its own natural amphitheatre. Now that Emma has got Vaughan to his 10 Year Service Award, she will be pushing him to complete the Zach Zephyr trilogy and get a movie deal signed.

In early August Emma single handedly organised the Swanny Quiz Night, except for the parts that Mark and Lucy did. She did think of asking Christo to be MC which paid off in spades. This might be a rumour but I was told she already owned the policeman’s outfit!


1 – Bronze Medallion 21 Dec 1996 at North Cottesloe

2 – Patrol 2 then Arnold whilst with Alexia Pinakis for two seasons with Tim Tucak as Patrol Captain buying the Paddle Pops

3 – 1997/98 Season so her first season at Swanny and therefore only half the number of Paddle Pops. Winner again in 2000/01 Season as Vice Captain on McDermott Patrol.

4 – Annual Dinner & Presentation Night 2002 – Finally a special thank you to Lizzy Fitzhardinge and Emma Doyle for their efforts in organising the dinner and setting up the hall, as well as all those who helped set up and clean up. Late in the evening Liz and Emma confided the secret recipe of the vodka jelly shots – 1 portion jelly crystals to 1 portion vodka to 1 cup cake holder. Add food colour liberally. Add extra vodka if the food colour was blue or green.

5 – Jamie also didn’t contest the Ski Race

6 – 2003, 2004 and 2006. 2005 Emma traded in the Swanny shorebreak for the ski slopes of Canada