This is your new committee, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get Swanny ready for summer. Feel free to contact us for a chat!
1. President – Luke Bishop
2. Deputy President – Lucy Gunzburg
3. Club Captain – Kate Hutchinson
4. Finance & Admin – Mark Grzanka
5. Junior Development – Erin Gallagher
6. Education – Dave Parsons
7. Marketing – Justin Owens
8. Lifesaving – Logan Ovenden-Clarke
9. Competition – Annie Juengling
10. Social – Brodie Price

Each committee member has listed their #1 priority for the season:
President – Luke

1. Progress on building extension project and associated funding

Finance and Admin – Mark
1. Expenditure for Member benefit – Whilst we still need to focus on saving, due to the pleasing
revenue generated last season we will focus on investing appropriate funds back into our
operations that will directly benefit our members. Particular areas being facility repairs and
maintenance expenditure as well as Surf Sports (equipment and coaching) and through
subsidising events and merchandise.

Deputy President – Lucy
1. Ensure that as a committee we focus on the Club’s Strategic Plan: 2020-2025 and that our
progress is aligned with the outlined objectives.

Club Captain – Kate
1. Develop a community engagement opportunity geared toward public education of lifesaving
services, skills and/or surf sport.

Education Manager – Dave
1. Promote a well-understood education pathway to the wider club community to encourage
member involvement with the goal of growing our education team through engaging and
upskilling additional trainers, assessors and facilitators.

Junior Development – Erin
1. Formalise and promote a range of Nipper training opportunities across a variety of disciplines
(beach, board, swim) with the aim of seeing increased numbers at training sessions transfer into
increased number of Swanny Nippers and interclub competitions.

Lifesaving – Logan
1. Strengthen patrols through:

– Establish mentoring pathways so that regular patrol members can work towards
Patrol Captain and Vice-Captain positions, including having “Junior Patrol
Captains” actively engaged in the leadership of at least three patrols.
– Conduct regular “intra-patrol challenges” that will upskill patrol members on key
lifesaving tasks in a fun and competitive way

Marketing – Justin
1. Embed sponsorship process, sponsor experience and increase number of sponsors and
sponsorship revenue

Social – Brodie
1. Build on the current social calendar and improving attendance to events amongst club
members and non-members. Increase the attendance of bronzies and relatively new members
at social events to assist with ongoing member engagement and retention.

Surf Sports – Annie
1. Maximise participation at training sessions, intra and inter club competitions by fostering
a welcoming and fun environment.