It is with sadness that the Club informs you that Colin Weir passed away on the morning of 18th March 2021.

Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC Vale Colin Weir

Cottesloe SLSC Vale Colin Weir – by John Robertson, Cottesloe SLSC, from Waveline, Cottesloe Surf Veterans, Number One, Autumn 2021 Volume Fifty Seven

Colin joined the Club on 6th February 1949, quickly gaining his Bronze Medallion, SLSAA No. 26604 on 20th Feburary1949 with the Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC. The Bronze Medallion was instructed to teams of six lifesavers who formed a rescue and resuscitation team as part of their examination. Along with Colin, the balance of the Bronze Medallion squad was Austin Atherden, Colin Born, Colin Cook, Jim Seabrook and Wally Wegner. With a trio of Colin’s one can imagine there would have been some tomfoolery during their instruction! Colin gained his Instructors Certificate SLSAA No. 4164 on 22nd October 1951 (equivalent of the Trainer Officers Certificate) aged 19 years 9 months.

Colin’s involvement was in administration, education, lifesaving and competition. Colin was Registrar in the 1952/53 season and Vice-Captain and Patrol Officer (equivalent of the Lifesaving Manager position today) at the Club in the 1960/61 season. He was Proxy Delegate to SLSWA in 1960/61 and Social Secretary (equivalent of the Social Manager position today) in 1961/62 and 1962/63. Colin worked as a wool classer, was a bar manager at the Ocean Beach Hotel, ran a commercial cleaning business, after which he undertook house maintenance and handyman work. Colin served the Club as an Honorary Auditor for six seasons from 1963/64 to 1968/69.

Colin won the Oldham Memorial Cup in 1954/55 and was Points Races Long Swim Champion in 1952/53. Colin attended the 1951 Australian Jubilee Surf Championships at Scarborough, WA participating in the Musical Flags, and March Past.

Colin built his own surf ski with canvas over a wooden frame with a square end. Linseed oil and paint were used to waterproof the ski. The paddle was secured to the ski with a rope and paddling was undertaken standing up on the ski. Colin stored his ski at the Club.  The fate of the surf ski in the incident below is unknown.

Colin’s brother Brian joined the Club the following season in 1950. Earlier their father Harry was a Vice President in 1940/41. Harry later worked for the Pioneer Bus Company, who transported members to the Country Carnivals.

Most recently Colin re-joined the Club in 2010/11 and was a Swanny Veterans Member since that time. Colin was a well-known member of the Club during the 1950s and 1960s and a highly popular member of the Swanny Veterans group. Colin was their best ‘egg cooker’ for the Swanny Ocean Classic and had wanted to be there this year.

Sadly Colin’s health deteriorated very quickly in February and he passed away on the morning of March 18th. His funeral was held on March 26th. Many of the Swanny Veterans attended the funeral. Colin’s love of the ocean and the Swanbourne Nedlands Surf Club were highlighted as two of the great joys in Colin’s life in eulogies presented by his family. Colin was to be presented with a medallion thanking him for his contribution to the Swanny Veterans group on the afternoon of his passing. Sadly this did not happen but the medallion was given to his daughter on the day of the funeral.

March Past Team – Australian Jubilee Surf Championships, Scarborough 1951.

Back: Reg Trigg, Don Ogier, Bill Wales, Syd Rowe, Brian Vince, Campbell Catto.

Front: Bernie Kelly, Colin Weir, Joe Martin, Fred Thorne, Laurie Hopewell, Jim Seabrook.

(Colin is kneeling, front row, second from left hand side)