Following the Welcome to the Fleet for Cygnet IX and Cygnet X, Fiona Argyle, Mayor City of Nedlands interviewed John Oldfield, Swanny Vets:
Peter Brigg, Fiona Argyle, John Oldfield at Swanbourne Beach ; John Oldfield

Surf Club helpers needed.

Meet my new bestie boo- take it away Mr John Oldfield- a living legend. @swannysurfclub @cityofnedlands #volunteer #surfclub #oceansport


Fiona Argyle (FA): Hi, what’s your name?

John Oldfield (JO): John Oldfield

FA: Yes, now John tell me about what’s going on at the Club? Tell me about this Club.

JO: Well I’ve been associated with it since 1946 when I was a 10 year old kid and formed a very important part of my life.

Helped shaped a lot of my, what I hope are my good qualities and certainly met a lot of people that I’ve still got a friendship with.

FA: So John, why do you think surf lifesaving is just so important?

JO: Well, for a start, it teaches you to help save people from a drowning. Let’s not forget that part.

And then comes the sport part, the challenges of swimming, beach running, rowing and there is great social life.

There is many many families and generations of families that have come from surf club relationships.

It’s a great sport.

FA: So how can we get more people involved with the Club?

JO: Well I

FA: What’s the key here?

JO: I think promotion and advertising is a big thing. I think it stems from the clubs themselves and events and whenever there is a championship on it should be publicised more and put in the face of the public.

FA: So what are you looking for John, you said you were looking to fill some gaps, what is it you need?

JO: Well we’ve got a Veterans group in the Swanbourne Nedlands Surf Life Saving Club and sadly our membership is diminishing and we want some new blood to come into the Club to help support our Club
to help and support with things like the Cottesloe Swanbourne Swim for instance.

And our Vets, we do the barbeque, we cook 200 or 300 bacon and egg sandwiches and all sorts of things like that.

You never know what you are likely to be called upon to do.

But we’re getting a bit ancient to get out on the beach on a hot day and when you’re in your 80s your skin can’t handle it so we need new members in their 60s and we are really looking for it so if you’re in your 60s and twiddling your thumbs have a look at surf club – best relationship – you’ll enjoy it.

FA: Can’t wait