It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year. Proficiency!
Bronze medallion requal. Choose ONE of the following dates:

  • October: Sunday 23rd 9am-12pm
  • November: Saturday 12th 9am-12pm LANCELIN
  • December: Saturday 10th 9am-12pm

This year we have something very special. Max Davies will be organising a proficiency trip to Lano. Yeeowww! Watch this space for more info from Max.
Please indicate the date you’d like to attend by joining one of the following Facebook groups. All details of each day will be revealed within the group.

  • Swanny Proficiency October 23 (
  • Swanny Proficiency December 10 (
  • Lano Proficiency Weekend (

If you cannot make one of these dates please contact Julian Gibbings asap (on facebook) so we can try to make alternative arrangements. There will be no proficiencies after 31 December unless due to exceptional circumstances.
Sorry higher awards such as First Aid & ARTC cannot be requalified on these dates due to a lack of qualified assessors. Bronze medallion only.