• Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner

A formal evening of presentations and partying held at the end of the season to honour members.

New bronzies are encouraged to attend as they will be presented with their bronze medallions.

Held April/May annually. Check out the latest news at the bottom of this page for dates.

Awards Presented

Simon Davies Best Club Person Award

This award was previously known as the Best Clubman Award, but in 1992 after the passing of Simon Davies, was renamed in his honour and to reflect the involvement of both men and women at Swanbourne. It is awarded in recognition of the most dedicated Club member of the season.

Simon was a member of the Club and served as its Treasurer up until his sudden death in 1992 at the age of 24.

The criteria on which the Award is judged are not concrete or specific. It is generally conferred to a Member who has contributed to a number of areas within the Club. In a reflection of Simon’s own personal qualities, it is often awarded to someone who has taken on tasks unasked, without the expectation of recognition or reward, but simply because the job needed to be done. In many instances, these activities were time-consuming, tedious and not intrinsically rewarding. If you wish to nominate someone for this award please contact a member of the Committee.

Patron’s Award for the Single Most Outstanding Achievement

This award was presented to the Club in 1998 by the then Patron, His Worship the Mayor of Nedlands, Colin Barns, to be awarded for the single most outstanding achievement by an individual over the last season. It is an individual award and often this makes it difficult for the Committee to decide to whom it should be awarded. Surf lifesaving is intrinsically team oriented and on many occasions the greatest achievement in a season has been by a group of Club members, such as a patrol, a committee, or a competitive team. While, on occasion, an individual has been singled out of a group to receive this Award, it has been because that individual has taken on a leadership role which has driven the success of that endeavour. It is considered that without that individual, success in that area would not have been achieved.. If you wish to nominate someone for this award please contact a member of Committee.

If Life Membership is to be granted to a Member or Members then this is announced at the Annual Dinner.

Patrol Member of the Year

Individual patrolling lifesaver award as selected by the Lifesaving Manager.

City of Nedlands Trophy for the Patrol of the Year

Patrol team award as selected by the Lifesaving Manager.

Competition Awards

  • Overall Club Champions
  • Presidents Cup (800m Long Swim)
  • Oldham Cup (1200m Long Swim)
  • Ford Cup (1600m Long Swim)
  • McPhail Cup (1500m Long Run)
  • Caris Cup (Marathon)
  • Points Race Champions

Members who have given 5 or 10 years of service to the Club will be presented with a suitably inscribed distinguishing badge to the design illustrated in the Constitution. The Management Committee will be the sole judge of what constitutes “service”, and will make decisions on recipients on a case-by-case basis.

Members who have given 25 or more years of service to SLSA will presented with the SLSA Long Service Award. Subsequent Long Service Awards will be presented with each additional 5/10 years of service.

Conditions for SLSA Long Service Awards are as set out in National Recognition Framework and are available on the SLSA website www.slsa.com.au

Members who have given 10 or more years of service to SLSA will presented with the SLSA National Patrol Service Award. Subsequent National Patrol Service Awards will be presented with each additional 5 years of service. Long Service Awards are determined in accordance with SLSA criteria and regulations.