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Training at Swanny

Surf Lifesaving requires good Cardiovascular fitness and endurance, so we run regular fitness training in swimming, running, board and ski paddling.

Training at Swanny aims to cater for participants at various levels. We cater for the first timer who has never been on a board before and also for those who aren’t overly confident in the surf. Catering for those slightly more advanced we also employ professional coaches to assist in the development of our members.

We have a great social scene at all our regular training sessions so you’ll never be on your own and it’s a great way to meet people.

Core training includes Monday night swimming at Claremont pool and Wednesday morning running at Swanny. Training runs year-round.

See the news below or the calendar for the latest training timetable. Also, be sure to join the Swanny competition & training facebook group for the latest updates.

Latest Training Timetable

2310, 2017

Summer Training Timetable 2017-18

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104, 2016

Winter Training Timetable

By | April 1st, 2016|Categories: Training Timetable|

pdf: training-timetable-01-apr-2016 Or view the Swanny Calendar. Training timetable effective 01/Apr/2016 - 30/Sep/2016. Refer to the Competition & Training facebook page for last minute changes.