Patrols are the basis of surf life saving – the reason for us being here.

At Swanny we have set high standards for our patrols, and we are constantly striving to improve in all areas.

The patrolling seasons starts first weekend in October and finish’s mid April. Members are assigned to a patrol group and are expected to patrol once every 3-4 weeks depending on the patrol roster.

For the latest patrol roster check your email or Contact Us.

2017.09.12_SNSLSC_Patrol Roster 20172018_rev1


Once every 3-4 weeks as per the patrol roster
Around 3hrs. Typically, patrols are either an am or pm patrol.
It depends on the numbers on each patrol. Contact the Life Saving Manager.
No. But that’s what we’re here for so most do.
It is your responsibility to find a replacement. But you’re not alone, post on the Swanny Patrol Swaps facebook page and someone will be sure to help you out.