Points Races Round 14 – Results and Standings – 22 Jan 2017
Oldham Cup


Points Races Round 15 – Results and Standings – 05 Feb 2017
Blue Party Survivors Only


Points Races Round 16 – Results and Standings – 12 Feb 2017
Calendar Date for Ford Cup and McPhail Cup
However numbers were down, Handicapper was distracted, Postponed to the next weekend


Congratulations to Callum Griffiths who is the winner of the Ford Cup.

32 swimmers of whom 22 were eligible and 21 finished.

For the statistically minded the “decay” factor varied from +2% (ie slight improvement) for the front runners to -33% (ie slower) for the back markers.

For the distance concerned swimmers, if the Presidents Cup was 800 m then the Ford Cup was about 1950 m (or 350 m too long). So at least that matched Betto’s GPS watch.

PDF: Ford Cup

PDF: Round 16 + Stand 16

PDF: Round 15 + Stand 15

PDF: Round 14 + Stand 14