Club Policies

Venue Hire for Members Policy AUG 2017

Primary Caregiver & Parental Leave Policy AUG 2017

Member Misconduct Policy JULY 2015

Domestic Animals at Patrol Policy AUG 2017

Service Awards Policy AUG 2017

Skills Maintenance Proficiency Activities 2017-2018


Safety in Surf Life Saving

Surf Life Saving is a unique organisation whose trained volunteers and paid lifeguards have kept our beaches safe for more than 100
The nature of surf lifesaving activity requires the learning of new skills. Surf lifesavers are often involved in emergency situations
where they encounter significant environmental challenges such as large seas, rips and other dangerous water conditions. They are
also often required to use heavy gear and equipment to fulfi l their duties. And of course, the majority of these activities take place
under the harsh Australian sun, meaning they must reduce the likelihood of harmful sun exposure.
As part of Surf Life Saving Australia’s (SLSA’s) health and safety commitment, this brochure outlines some of the safety issues
involved in surf lifesaving. It is therefore an important tool in preventing injury and illness to you, our members.

20141018 1217 Member_Safety_-_Brochure_Amend


SLSA Policies
SLSA has a range of policies and procedures for members and employees involved in surf lifesaving activities. These policies are
updated from time to time and the most recent version can be found on the SLSA website. They include:

20141018 1217 2_03_Occupational_Health_and_Safety_-_July_2006

20141018 1217 LS1460_Occupational_Health_and_Safety_Policy

20141018 1217 2_04_Rehabilitation_and_Return_to_Duties_-_July_2006

20141018 1217 1_03_Body_Retreival_-_July_2006

20141018 1217 1_14_Sharps_Policy_-_July_2006

20141018 1217 1_15_Peer_Group_Support_-_July_2006

20141018 1217 2_01_Sun_Safety_-_July_2006

20141018 1217 3_03_Preganancy_and_the_Surf_Lifesaver_-_Competition_and_P.._

20141018 1217 3_06_Seizures_and_Epilepsy_-_August_2012

20141018 1217 3_09_Asthma_-_July_2006

20141018 1217 6_05_Member_Protection_Policy_May_2014

20141018 1217 6_06_Grievance_Procedure_-_May_2008

20141018 1217 6_09_Risk_Management_-_February_2014

20141018 1217 6_09a_Risk_Management_-_Procedures_-_February_2014

20141018 1217 Lightning_Guideline

20141018 1217 Disinfection_of_Equipment

20141018 1217 Communicable_Diseases


The Australian Coastal Public Safety Guidelines
SLSA have also developed The Australian Coastal Public Safety Guidelines that provides a useful resource for Club Management on
safety and wellbeing in a coastal and beach environment. Relevant guidelines which could be of assistance include:

20141018 1217 GO1303_Lightning_Protection

20141018 1217 GO1304_Disabled_persons__access_and_facilities

20141018 1217 GO1320_Safety_of_Groups

20141018 1217 GO1321_Aquatic_Event_Management_Safety

20141018 1217 GO1322_Management_of_Organised_Games_and_Activities

20141018 1217 DG1900_Storage_and_Handling__Dangerous_Goods

20141018 1217 DG1901_Fuel_Storage_and_Handling

20141018 1217 DG1910_Dangerous_Goods_Register

20141018 1217 DG1911_Chemical_Substances_Register

20141018 1217 DG1912_Provision_and_Use_of_Material_Safety_Data_Sheets

20141018 1217 DG1913_Incident_Investigation_and_Reporting

20141018 1217 EM1640_Critical_Incident_Debriefing

20141018 1217 EM1641_Peer_Group_Counselling

20141018 1217 LE1521_Sterilisation_of_Equipment

20141018 1217 LE1560_Lifesaving_Equipment_Check_and_Inspection

20141018 1217 LE1561_Lifesaving_Equipment_-_External_Audit

20141018 1217 LS1410_Sharps_Management

20141018 1217 LS1460_Occupational_Health_and_Safety_Policy

20141018 1217 LS1461_Lifeguard_Occupational_Health_and_Safety

20141018 1217 LS1462_Zero_Tolerance_on_Alcohol_and_Drugs

20141018 1217 LS1463_Sun_Safe_Practices

20141018 1217 LS1464_Selection_and_Use_of_Personal_Protective_Equipment_.._

20141018 1217 LS1465_Hazards_and_Banning_of_Smoking

20141018 1217 LS1466_Manual_Handling_Safety

20141018 1217 LS1467_Managing_Workplace_Stress

20141018 1217 LS1468_Rehabilitation_from_Illness_or_Injury

20141018 1217 LS1470_Routine_Activity_Recording_and_Reporting

20141018 1217 LS1471_Incident_Reporting_Recording_and_Investigation

20141018 1217 LS1472_Marine_Incident_Reporting

20141018 1217 LS1473_First_Aid_Recording_and_Reporting

20141018 1217 LS1475_Notification_of_OHS_Incidents_and_Injuries


Critical Incidents
As a member of surf lifesaving you may at some stage be involved in what’s called a Critical Incident. As part of our Duty of Care, Surf
Life Saving has produced this pamphlet to assist members who are exposed to critical events.

20141018 1217 Critical_Incident_Information_Brochure_00004505-docsource


The SLSA Health and Safety Guides
The four guides in this series are designed to provide you with the tools you need to manage your club or service safely.
The four guides include:

20141018 1217 Volume_1_-_Overview_of_Health_and_Safety_00002533-docsourc.._

20141018 1217 Volume_2_-_Risk_Assessment_and_Management_00002534-docsour.._

20141018 1217 Volume_3_-_Safe_Surf_Club_Practices_and_Supplementary_Info.._

20141018 1217 Volume_4_-_Event_Sanctioning_and_Management

Volume 1 will get you started with an overview of health and safety issues within Surf Lifesaving. It will provide you with a snapshot of
what you need to do across the many areas of practice and legislation. This guide is aimed at club officers, patrol captains and training
Volume 2 has the theory and tools you need to conduct a risk assessment of your club or service. The guide is designed for the
club/service risk assessor.
Volume 3 provides supplementary information such as building evacuation plans, manual handling, hazardous substances etc. along
with other information that will assist the safety officer.
Volume 4 provides information on Special Event Sanctioning and Management. It provides the application forms and templates
required to gain approval for a special event